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What is a dedicated proxy?

A dedicated proxy, aka private proxy, is an exclusive IP address assigned only to one user. It's your go-to choice for use cases when you need a consistent connection tied to the same IP. A dedicated proxy server assists in hopping around geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, or bans, avoiding abused IPs, and having complete control over each proxy IP address.

How do dedicated proxies work?

Dedicated proxies provide a personalized online gateway for a user through an assigned IP address. You get one all to yourself instead of utilizing the shared IP pool. This setup helps you be sure your IP address will belong only to you and won’t be used by anyone else. So, whenever you’re doing your internet thing or completing a traffic-intensive task, you’re always first in line for your dedicated IP address. Here’re the steps of how it works:

  1. You connect to the dedicated proxy server.
  2. A dedicated proxy server assigns you the new IP address, which you can check here
  3. The proxy sends the request to a target website.
  4. The target website responds to the proxy server's connection request, and the response is sent back to you through the dedicated proxy.
  5. You access the website using the IP provided by the dedicated proxy server.

What are the types of dedicated proxies?

It's great to have a range of choices. And providers offer a list of dedicated proxy IP types. We're here to help you choose the best one that suits you and your use case.

Dedicated residential proxies

Dedicated residential proxies offer a personal online haven by providing users with an exclusive IP address originating from a real residential device connected to a local network. They’re a perfect match for users who need an average internet user appearance.

Static residential proxies

Static residential proxies assign a unique IP address from an Internet Service Provider. This specialized setup guarantees a consistent online experience and is perfect for users who need datacenter speeds and residential proxy reliability.

Dedicated mobile proxies

Dedicated mobile proxies grant users mobile-based IP addresses. As these proxies often score the best success rate compared to other proxy types, they're great for advanced targets and managing multiple eCommerce accounts.

Dedicated datacenter proxies

Dedicated datacenter proxies guarantee unbeatable speed and are a go-to choice for cost-efficient tasks where private IP is a must.


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How can dedicated proxies be used?

Employ ethically-sourced dedicated proxies and stay under the radar while completing a range of tasks. Here're the most popular use cases:

  • Scraping advanced websites and collecting publicly available data.
  • Managing multiple eCommerce accounts for individuals or businesses to hop between different accounts.
  • Monitoring SEO performance is another popular use case when dedicated proxies help out. By changing the original location, SEO gurus can monitor SERP rankings and local listings.
  • AdTech with dedicated proxies allows marketers to optimize campaign strategies and identify bot traffic, saving budget big time.
  • Market intelligence task on gathering data, market trends, and changing consumer behavior.

What are the benefits of dedicated proxies?

Using dedicated proxies comes with several advantages: 

  • Guaranteed control. Take full charge of your IP’s health and usage, knowing that no one else is using the same IP at the moment.
  • Smaller risk of blocks. Reduce the risk and enjoy better protection against IP blacklisting, as your private IPs remain unaffected by others’ actions.
  • Improved speed. Experience the efficiency of IPs without sharing performance with anyone else, and forget about bandwidth limitations.
  • Enhanced security. Ensure safe connections to the proxy networks via protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5 to prevent unauthorized access and protect personal data.

What are dedicated proxy alternatives?

Shared proxies are the best alternative to dedicated proxies. They let anyone access more proxies for the same price. It's a unique blend of quantity and quality, but any large web operation like screen scraping or mass account creation requires a large number of proxies. In general, most proxy users choose residential shared proxies that let them access millions of IP addresses globally for the price of a dozen dedicated proxies.

Public free proxies are the worst choice because of the sheer number of users connecting to those proxies at any time. They have very low speeds, are banned instantly on most sites, and may pose a security risk to your personal information.

Read about more alternatives to dedicated proxies and other types of proxies.

Wrapping up

As we wrap things up on dedicated proxies, it's pretty clear they're a perfect match for those looking to keep an IP address forever. Besides allowing you to roam the web incognito, they help you manage multiple accounts, scrape advanced websites, run market analysis, and more. So, grab a dedicated proxy if you don't want to reward yourself with CAPTCHAs or IP ban.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between residential and dedicated proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses from real household devices, often shared with other users. Dedicated proxies, however, may be sourced from various sources like data centers and give users their own private IP address.

What is a dedicated proxy used for?

A dedicated proxy is a go-to choice for a range of use cases, including:

  • Scraping advanced targets
  • Managing multiple eCommerce.
  • Market analysis
  • SEO tasks
  • AdTech
  • Browsing & entertainment.

What is a dedicated datacenter proxy?

A dedicated datacenter proxy is a proxy server located in a datacenter with a static IP address assigned exclusively to a single user. It acts as an intermediary between the user's device and the target they’re accessing.

What is the difference between a shared proxy and a dedicated proxy?

The main difference between a shared proxy and a dedicated proxy lies in their exclusivity. A shared proxy offers IPs from a shared pool, meaning that some IPs can be abused. A dedicated proxy is assigned to a single user, providing a personalized and more secure connection between you and the target. Dedicated proxies are favored for tasks that demand consistent digital identity for a longer session. Shared proxies are typically more budget-friendly but come with the trade-off of shared resources and potential limitations.

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