The Best Scraping Proxies

Avoid blocks and cloaking, use country and city level targeting with high quality residential proxies

  • Ad Verification
  • Cyber security
  • Price comparison
  • Travel fare
  • SEO
  • Data collection
  • Sales intelligence
  • Brand protection
  • Collect data for research and scale your business with unlimited connections and threads for your favorite script or application

    Smartproxy scraping proxies

    Data intelligence with residential proxies

    Residential proxies are the highest quality proxies for any data mining operation. Every IP in our pool is a unique mobile or desktop device, so you can connect to your target data source as many times as you need.

    Get Data for SEO with proxies

    Our residential proxy network is twice as fast as the industry average when connecting to Google, Yandex or other search engines. Perform rank tracking, crawling and competitor analysis with our proxies at ease.

    Smartproxy testimonial "I need to scrape thousands of pages for our clients every day, and I can finally trust my proxies to do the job. Thank you, Smartproxy!"

    Carl M., Data Acquisition Manager

    smartproxy features

    Ad Verification
    with proxies

    Stay undetected and perform anti-ad fraud through the highest quality residential IP network. Stay undetected by bad actors and act fast – our proxies have an average speed of only 3.1 s.

    smartproxy features

    Get price, sales and product information with proxies

    Price scraping, product data scraping and sales information will never be cloaked for our proxy network – our residential proxies do not share any subnet. Always get the most precise data.

    smartproxy features

    Track travel prices with proxies

    Connect to travel sites, rail and airline companies with unlimited connections and track pricing data in real time. Our network has a 99.99% uptime.

    smartproxy features

    Collect any data with proxies

    Crawl and scrape any legitimate public target online with 10+ million residential proxies. Data mining proxies are ready for service 24/7.

    smartproxy testimonial "I just love the way you guys and girls
    helped me set everything up!

    You just got a lifetime customer!"
    Craig D., SEO Wizard

    Market Research with Residential IPs

    If you are pushing too many requests in a short time frame from a single IP address, your target website can easily trace such activity and block you or provide misleading information. To limit the chances of getting blocked or cloaked you should avoid scraping the same website with a single IP address and use the Smartproxy network to scale your operations.

    Here's how easy it is to start using residential scraping proxies:

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    Smartproxy residential proxies prices

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    What our customers say

    Proxies testimonials - multiple social media account owner

    Proxies are residential, so that lowers the possibility of being blocked. Dashboard is simple and easy to get all the information you need.

    Multiple social media account owner

    Proxies testimonials - multiple social media account owner

    Ability to grab residential proxies from any country. All of the proxies I checked against spamhaus & other blacklists came back clean.

    Residential IPs user

    Choose your plan

    You can use an unlimited number of connections, threads, and countries at once as our pricing model is based on bandwidth usage. The cheapest residential proxy plan starts at $75 for 5GB per month. Enterprise residential proxies cost $3 per GB.

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    $15 per GB
    5 GB included
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    $400 per month +VAT
    $8 per GB
    50 GB included
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    $600 per month +VAT
    $6 per GB
    100 GB included
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    All our plans are based on recurring monthly payments

    Accepted payment methods:

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