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Video: How to Set up Proxies in Kameleo? | Proxy Integration Tutorial

Complete Kameleo proxy setup easily by following this proxy integration tutorial! In this video, we will show you where to find proxy endpoints, how to add a proxy to the Kameleo browser, configure proxy settings, test proxies, and get you ready for anonymous browsing.

Vilius Sakutis

Vilius Sakutis

Feb 19, 2024

2 min. read

What is Kameleo?

Kameleo is a browser profile management tool for Windows and Android. It allows you to create multiple profiles with distinct digital identities, sometimes called browser fingerprints. Like any other antidetect browser, Kameleo spoofs your browser profiles to ensure browsing anonymity, overcome IP blocks, and prevent profile bans.

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Vilius Sakutis

Vilius Sakutis

Head of Partnerships

With an eagerness to create beneficial partnerships that drive business growth, Vilius brings valuable expertise and collaborative spirit to the table. His skill set is a valuable asset for those seeking to uncover new possibilities and learn more about the proxy market. 


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