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May 28, 2021
4 minutes read

How to Pick the Best SERP Proxies

SEO is a vital part of any digital business. Hundreds of elements go into search engine optimization, from sitemaps to meta descriptions. Arguably, the most important part of the puzzle are links to your domain. There are many SEO tools that let you research, crawl, scrape and produce content. A few of them even let you automate backlinks. One of those tools is Search Engine Ranker (SER), made by GSA. It really shines when you set it up with good SER proxies and automatically create thousands of links every day.

If you want to use GSA SERP for a link building campaign, you will need proxies to make your campaign scalable. While novice marketers try to scrape by with abused public proxies, experienced SEOs know that you must have reliable SER proxies to not get detected and flagged.

We have a brutal number of residential proxies ready 24/7, so you can scrape any target and create as many links as you want.

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Why you need proxies for GSA SERP

Thousands of digital marketers use GSA SERP every day. Newbie marketers always get themselves blocked on Google by sending too many connection requests. This is where most of them find out about the importance of proxies.

Sites and search engines learn to detect SEO automation through IP footprints. You risk your whole link building campaign if you do not use proxies. But, if you set up a robust proxy server with GSA and use good settings, you will never get blocked.

Residential proxies are the best SERP proxies

Professionals know that proxies come in many forms. You might use data center proxies that share an IP subnetwork. Or you might use a small IP pool which might be dead from abuse by others.

Both of these options are a no-go for a good SERP proxy, because Google or any other sight might detect and block it. You will then have to message your proxy provider to change every dead proxy. It’s not worth it. The most reliable proxies for SERP are residential proxies. These proxies are IP addresses from real devices.

They do not share subnetworks or an internet service providers (ISP), which means their IP footprint is non-existent. Residential proxies take any GSA campaign to the next level and make automated actions look completely realistic.

BEST SER Proxies

The next thing SERP must have is a huge IP pool. You never want to use only a dozen of IP addresses for automation. Use millions of IPs and you can be sure that you have enough to do anything you want.

Unlimited SERP proxies

As you already know, if you want to take GSA SERP to the next level, you must use a ton of proxies. But how can you change those proxies as soon as they die or get blocked? Forget about changing a proxy manually – this is not 1999. You no longer need proxy lists for SERP.

The modern solution is a backconnect rotating proxy network. It changes your IP address for each connection, so you never get detected. Try our 40+ million IPs and see. You can scrape without limits! Post without limits! Don’t limit yourself to 10-100 threads, when you have our WHOLE proxy network available.

linkbuilding with SER

Backconnect proxies

Proxy lists are old stuff! You don’t need to change proxies in SERP every time one dies. A rotating proxy does that for you every time and for any number of connections. Connect to a backconnect proxy node and get a new IP for every connection request. It works with location targeting, too. When you rotate proxies automatically, you can forget about waiting for those lazy proxy providers to replace your banned private proxies! This is how you can get thousands of links with SERP in no time.

Don’t fool around with public proxies

If you have any real experience, you know how unreliable SERP proxies are. You might spend hours searching, crawling and gathering a public proxy list just to find out they are dead or get them blocked in a minute. The GSA forum is full of people spamming useless proxy lists that go dead almost instantly. Try our proxy package with so many proxies that you will grow old before they run out.

Use SERP Proxies intelligently

To make the most of your proxies, set up SERP to use the least amount of web data. Our plans price proxy usage by bandwidth, so you will get the most of our huge network with unlimited connections. Pump up your tiers and get that money site rolling with SERP proxies – get some serious verified links!

You can also use our residential proxies to scrape with GScraper or ScrapeBox too.


James Keenan

Senior content writer

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

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