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Video: How to Collect Big Data

What is big data? And why should you care about it? Today, we'll explain the makings of big data and its use for business-oriented insights.

Martin Ganchev

Martin Ganchev

Feb 19, 2024

2 min. read

What is big data?

Big data can be described as super large datasets. Big data is used to spot patterns, problems, or other insights, benefiting decision-making. 

Data could be produced in two different ways – it could be human-generated or device-produced. Device-driven datasets are often neat, while human-generated information usually is shared in different formats, and it could be messy to gather it in bulk. 

Big data is usually divided into three categories depending on its structure. The analysis of contrasting types of data is different, therefore it is vital to understand what kind of data you have to deal with.

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Martin Ganchev

Martin Ganchev

VP Enterprise Partnerships

Martin, aka the driving force behind our business expansion, is extremely passionate about exploring fresh opportunities, fostering lasting relationships in the proxy market, and, of course, sharing his insights with you.


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