Feb 02, 2023
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Gathering Amazon Data | Best Tools and Practices

At Smartproxy, we’re always cookin’ up new ways to make scraping a breeze. Starting from eCommerce Scraping API to our most recent creation — Web scraping API. And don’t let anyone tell you that proxies and scraping are as complicated as rocket science. It could actually be a rather simple (and sometimes even fun) process!

But let’s be real, even the top guns extracting data from eCommerce giants like Amazon might get those pesky CAPTCHAs or worse — IP ban. Luckily, we’re offering a complete toolbox that will help you hop around the geo-restrictions, avoid errors & bans and get that sweet 100% success rate with ready-to-digest data.

Gathering Amazon Data | Best Tools and Practices
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At our latest webinar, Nathan, our Sales Team Lead, and Paulius, Research and Development Manager, discussed the best Amazon scraping practices and some other noteworthy topics:

  • Best tools for Amazon scraping;
  • Types of data to extract;
  • Most common use cases for the extracted Amazon data;
  • Step-by-step tutorial of the fastest way to gather and analyze Amazon reviews;
  • Ethical part of Amazon scraping – is it legal after all;
  • Potential challenges when collecting Amazon data.

Learn how Smartproxy can help you scrape that data like a pro and stay on top of the competition by clicking the magic button – the webinar won't be available forever!


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P.S. If you’re just as excited about the webinar as we’re, don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel. We have more awesome video content like tutorials and case studies.


Mariam Nakani

Say hello to Mariam! She is very tech savvy - and wants you to be too. She has a lot of intel on residential proxy providers, and uses this knowledge to help you have a clear view of what is really worth your attention.

Frequently asked question

What is an IP ban?

An IP ban prevents a specific IP address from accessing a website, server, or network. It’s deployed after the user violates rules and regulations, preventing unauthorized access or stopping malicious activities such as spamming, hacking, or distributing malware. When an IP ban is imposed, any device using the banned IP address will be unable to connect or access the restricted resource.

Is it possible to scrape Amazon without proxies?

Technically, it’s possible to scrape Amazon without using proxies. However, we’re not recommending trying your luck out, as Amazon has strict anti-scraping measures. Repeatedly scraping the website without proxies can result in blocking or banning your IP address. Using proxies allows you to route web scraping requests through multiple IPs, making it more difficult for Amazon to detect and block your scraping activity. Additionally, proxies can help avoid CAPTCHAs that prevent the scraping bots from extracting data.

What use cases does our Web Scraping API work for?

Web Scraping API is perfect for scraping almost every website, aggregating travel fares, and detecting possible malicious websites for fraud protection purposes.

What are ready-made scrapers?

Ready-made scrapers are pre-configured tools within our Scraping APIs, designed for easy and quick data collection. They eliminate the need for extensive technical knowledge, custom scraper development, and proxy management, making them ideal for users seeking a low/no-code solution. By using ready-made scrapers, you can access and structure large data sets efficiently.

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