A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Automation

Ella Moore

Ella’s here to help you untangle the anonymous world of residential proxies to make your virtual life make sense. She believes there’s nothing better than taking some time to share knowledge in this crazy fast-paced world.

Managing multiple Instagram accounts can be a real hassle. Making sure you’re account is engaging, liking and commenting on people’s posts can take up most of your day. That’s why a lot of people turn to Instagram automation with such tools as Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social. Think of this article as your introduction into the automation world: bots, Instagram proxies, dos and don’ts - it’s all here.

Guide to Instagram Automation

OG IG vs The New Algorithm: What does it Mean for Instagram Automation?

Becoming big on Instagram used to be way simpler. Just try Googling buy Instagram followers. There’s still relic websites left from those times when the Instagram algorithm used to be way less complicated. A few years ago you could have easily gotten away with buying 20k followers, and ending up on the Explore page. Now not only has Instagram tweaked its algorithm, but also implemented the mysterious shadowban and started deleting fake followers.

No one knows exactly how the new algorithm actually works. Instagram has managed to keep that under wraps. All that we know at the moment is that Instagram seems to favour engagement above all: likes, comments, story views, DMs, etc. It looks like the follower count doesn’t matter that much anymore.

The last major Instagram update changed the timeline from chronological order to…. something mysterious. So far, it looks like every new post that you make is visible to your most loyal followers first. If they engage with it, Instagram will show it to more of your followers, so on and so forth.

Instagram Automation Tips and Tricks

If you bought followers, most likely, they wouldn’t like or comment on your posts. If there’s no engagement, Instagram will see your posts as not worthy of showing even to your own followers. So your posts would get buried somewhere deep within the timeline, never to see the light of day. To be honest, this way, you could easily kill your whole account and stop any future growth.

So how do you automate your Instagram, get real engagement and don’t make Instagram super mad? Well, it’s not impossible. We have one word for you: bots.

What Does an Instagram Bot do?

An Instagram bot makes your internet promotion a million times easier. Just tailor what actions you want your bot to take, and leave it be. Automation bots are usually used for following, unfollowing, following back, liking and commenting on posts. This way your page will not only be more engaging, but also get genuine engagement in return. Instagram algorithm looooves that, trust us on this one.
Instagram actions automation with proxies

While certain settings on different bots may vary, the main idea behind them is the same. Of course, you can target completely random audiences, but most likely it won’t bring you the engagement you want. Instead, tweak the configurations and target specific groups of people. For example, you could change the settings on your bot to engage with people according to specific location, gender, only English accounts, or based on who they follow. Alternatively, you can also target posts based on hashtags or target only those who follow your competitors.

Reasons to get an Instagram automation bot:

  • It saves time: manually checking where every person is from? Yeah, no thank you.
  • Be online all the time: even when you’re not on your phone, let your bot do the tedious work for you.
  • Boost follower and like count: duh.

Sounds interesting? If you’re after creating multiple accounts, try PVA Creator, and if you’re after automating an account you already have, test out Jarvee. You can also check out our in depth review and instructions on how to use this bot here.

Jarvee social media automation

Instagram Automation: Tips and Tricks

Because Instagram lately has been after fake followers and bots more than ever before, let’s discuss some tips on how to run your bot undetected.

  • Use proxies: when running multiple accounts, make sure to use Instagram proxies. This is another gray area as some people claim that you can run up to 5 accounts from the same IP, other swear by 3. But even if you manage to get the accounts up and running, you might keep getting logged out or asked to verify your phone number over and over again. So don’t risk it, get some proxies, and forget about it. We would recommend using residential proxies for this one as the IPs given come from real life devices. No way Instagram will be able to clock anything suspicious.
  • Mimic human behavior: Basically, your bot needs to give off that human vibe. No real-life person would be able to post 24/7. Even if your bot can, it doesn’t mean it should. The key to Instagram automation is to not give away that you’re using a bot. So set aside a realistic sleeping time where your account is not active e.g. 6-7 hours of inactivity.
  • Limit your number of likes, follows and comments realistic: a normal user shouldn’t have more than 150 likes, 60 comments and 60 follows/unfollows per hour. Get any more than that, and Instagram will clock your account as spam.

Common Mistakes

There are a few things that can look suspicious to a normal user. And if that’s the case, you know damn well that Instagram will be onto you in no time.

Here’s what you should avoid:

  • Little to no photos: at the end of the day, Instagram is a photo sharing platform. So If you have 5 photos and over 5k followers, you have to admit, it might look a bit weird.
  • Random letter/number combos in your username: having a random jumble of numbers is a major red flag that’s easy to notice. Let’s avoid that, shall we?
  • No real phone number/email address: make sure you have real ones in your account. With the recent purge of fake accounts, Instagram now loves to log people out and ask to verify their phone numbers.
  • No bio/profile photo: ah, the classic gray-face. Admit it yourself: no one is really going to look at that and go yeah, that seems legit.<
  • Don’t automate your DMs: please, just don’t. While it might sound like a good idea at first, trust us, it’s not. No one likes the Thanks for the follow! Check out my product! messages. Just scroll through Twitter where automated DMs rule. People hate them with passion.
  • Keep your automated comments generic and non-promotional: same as with DMs, restrain from flat-out promoting your products/services in the comments.

With all basics now covered, you should have a pretty good understanding of why you should automate your Instagram accounts. The best case for you would be to have a go yourself. We hope you don’t get lost in this self-run world of automation.


Frequently asked questions about Instagram automation


What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation helps you manage your accounts and schedule posts, usually with the help of automation bots and Instagram proxies.

Does Instagram allow automation?

Technically, Instagram doesn’t preach automation. However, if you go by their limits of likes and follows, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Are bots worth it?

Bots can help save a ton of time when it comes to automating your account. It can auto-like, follow/unfollow and comment according to the commands given. You may try other them for another purpose too, e.g. sneaker bots, Tinder bots, Shopify bots.

What is the best Instagram bot?

Depends on what your needs are. If you want to schedule posts, try out Hootsuite or Buffer. If you’re after creating multiple accounts, check out PVA Creator. And if you need to automate your account, see Jarvee.