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Stealth Account

A stealth account is a fake account or an account under an alias, if you will. The ownership of a stealth account can’t be traced back to the real person as they use different info (name, email, IP, etc.) than their own. Such accounts are helpful as backups to protect your business. And you absolutely should be watching your back at all times.

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Stealth Account

How Stealth Accounts Can Save Your Business on eBay

When we think of online shopping, eBay is clearly the leader in e-commerce. If you own a business, chances are you’re already familiar with how profitable the eBay platform is for retail. As with any sales endeavor, however, there are certain risks on eBay. Aside from issues such as receiving counterfeit products, falling prey to phishing, having trouble with shipping providers, not getting payment, there is one more thing that requires serious risk manage...

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