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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a vital digital marketing tool. SEO slaps when you wanna improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website or target users with specific intent. Basically, it helps your page or a piece of content rank higher on Google (or any other search engine).

Search Engine Optimization

What is a Headless Browser: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

Let’s be honest, a headless browser sounds, to say the least, peculiar if you haven’t heard the term before. C’mon, how can your good ol’ Chrome or Firefox be headless? Yup, it’s mind-boggling, but before you deep dive into that philosophical void (seriously, try not to do this to yourself), let’s answer this question in technical terms.

SEO Automation: Best Practices in 2024

Back in the day, SEO (abbr. Search Engine Optimization) was about producing content and stuffing it with keywords. Today it is no more about Search Engine results only, but also includes everything that would effectively grow Organic Channel (Brand and Non-brand), Search Experience, and even Artificial Intelligence Optimization (abbr. AIO). In today’s world, SEO specialists require a whole range of interdisciplinary skills and tools to earn that sweet spot...

How to Scrape Google Search Data

It’s hard to imagine a successful business that doesn’t gather or use any form of data in 2023. And, when it comes to data sources, Google search engine result pages are a goldmine. But gathering Google search results isn’t that simple – you’ll encounter technical challenges and hurdles along the way. Luckily, some powerful tools and methods can automate search result extraction. Fret not – we’ll review different methods to scrape Google search results, di...

What Is SERP Analysis And How To Do It?

Every day, millions of people turn to search engines to find solutions to their problems and answer their questions. From “How to bake cookies” to “beautiful prom dresses,” this beast tamed inside the name of Google has answers to all of the queries you could enter. With Google being the most popular search engine, SEO gurus focus heavily on ranking high there – rightfully so.  However, keyword research is no longer just finding a popular search query and ...

Python Tutorial – Scraping Google Featured Snippet [VIDEO]

What do you usually do when a specific question or product pops into your mind, and you need a quick answer? You probably type it on Google and select one of the top results. Looking at this from a business perspective, you probably want to know how Google algorithms picked those top-ranking pages since being one of them attracts more traffic. The result pages of the largest search engine in the world are an excellent source for competitors’ and market res...

Alternative Google SERP Scraping Techniques - Terminal and cURL [VIDEO]

Google has become a gateway to easily-accessible information. And one of the best ways to make use of Google’s limitless knowledge is web scraping. We’ve just released a detailed blog post about scraping Google SERPs with Python, where we cover lots of useful info, including the technical part. So before you dive into this tutorial – check it out. But what if Python is not exactly your forte? This blog post will show you how to scrape SERPs using a simpl...

How To Scrape Google Search Results, Or Rising To The Google Challenge [VIDEO]

Whenever you want to find an answer to a tricky question or dig out some advice, who (or what) do you approach first? Let’s be honest, it’s Google. Market research, competitor analysis, latest news, exclusive deals on designer clothing – whichever you’re after, 9 times out of 10, you’ll google it. Being the richest encyclopedia in the world, Google is also the most protective of all search engines, so extracting data from it can be pretty hellish. On the b...

SEO Proxies – When You’re Serious about Your Search Ranking [VIDEO]

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very large industry, driving most online businesses. There are countless methods in practice today for doing the bread and butter of SEO: keyword research, audits, competition analysis, technical website optimization and rank tracking. Everyone is trying to rank higher in Google Search by hiring SEO agencies, consultants and developers. It’s no surprise there is a whole industry centered around growing visibility in se...

How to Pick the Best SERP Proxies

SEO is a vital part of any digital business. Hundreds of elements go into search engine optimization, from sitemaps to meta descriptions. Arguably, the most important part of the puzzle are links to your domain. There are many SEO tools that let you research, crawl, scrape and produce content. A few of them even let you automate backlinks. One of those tools is Search Engine Ranker (SER), made by GSA. It really shines when you set it up with good SER proxi...

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