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Use residential proxies from any country in Europe.

EU proxies in every country: choose European IP addresses to access localized content, test applications and collect local data.

    Unlimited proxies

    IP address of a real European desktop or mobile devices

    European quality

    23% better than the residential proxy industry average

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Top countries with the most residential
proxies available in Europe:

City-level proxy targeting available in Europe: London | Berlin

Get a proxy in Europe

Mask your real IP address with one from any European country. Use it for your browser or any other software or device to access data, avoid geolocation blocks or test your own localization features.

Want to use European IP addresses in every country in the EU and beyond? Sign up with Smartproxy and access our network to choose and target unlimited IP addresses in each country separately or use our 10+ million proxy pool with unlimited concurrent connections.

Fastest Proxy Addresses with smartproxy
Scraping with smartproxy

Never get priced by the number of IP addresses you use, pay only for the traffic you use. Connections through our European proxy service are over 1.5 times faster than the industry average. Our proxies are two times faster than other proxies when connecting to major services like Google and Amazon.

A real residential Europe proxy network

Every proxy server in our network is a real device: mobile or desktop. These IP addresses are registered with European ISPs, and are extremely unlikely to be blocked.

Thanks to our advanced server technologies, you will get a real Europe proxy server quickly and easily. Our network works with any automation software, including scrapers and bots, even if they cannot use the user:pass authentication, because we offer IP whitelisting.

Smartproxy-Access local data

Scrape data and test ads, links or apps with unlimited Europe proxies

Run your scripts through rotating Europe proxy endpoints and take advantage of unlimited concurrent connections – run parallel connection requests with location targeting and get exactly the data you need quickly and at scale. Use IP addresses in any EU country – ask us via Live Chat for exact numbers of proxies in every country.

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New to proxy networks and need an EU proxy server list?

Proxy lists are fading with the old data center proxy market. We have millions of EU proxy servers, and listing each one wouldn’t help anyone. Instead, we use advanced machine learning algorithms to choose the fastest and healthiest IP addresses for every connection, enabling you and anyone else to get the best EU proxy server available. On top of that, we offer the option to automatically rotate EU proxies, which makes lists obsolete, as you can use a fresh European IP address for every connection.

Our vast EU proxy network

Want only IP addresses from countries in the European Union? No problem. Sign up and access our country-specific proxy gateways to collect local data, avoid geographic blocks in EU sites and more.

Why you want Smartproxy:

Never get

Avoid getting detected by using our vast pool of residential exit nodes.

Manage multiple accounts

Use an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously while using rotating IP or Sticky IP sessions.

City and Country level targeting

Use residential IPs from as many countries or cities as you like. Change locations as often as needed.

24/7 Customer Support

Experienced 24/7 technical support with the average response time of 5 minutes. Use LiveChat or email us at any time.

Frequently asked questions about European proxies

What to do with a proxy in Europe?

You can do a lot with European proxies. First, you can avoid any blocks on your network. Next, you can access any European content without restrictions. That means you can scrape European sources without limits. Just pick a country in the dashboard and see the possibilities!

How to change to a European proxy?

Smartproxy makes it easy to change proxy endpoints. You can target any location by using a particular endpoint from our proxy dashboard. Just pick a European country or city, set it up with your software and you will connect through a European proxy. Find out more about proxy endpoints.

How to set up a proxy in Europe?

To set up a proxy in Europe, you can use rotating or sticky IP ports. The first one will change your IP address for every connection, while a sticky IP will stay available for up to 10 minutes. To find out how to set up a European proxy endpoint in your software or device, visit this page.

Choose your plan

You can use an unlimited number of connections, threads, and countries at once as our pricing model is based on bandwidth usage. The cheapest residential proxy plan starts at $75 for 5GB per month.

$75 per month +VAT
$15 per GB
5 GB included
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$400 per month +VAT
$8 per GB
50 GB included
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All our plans are based on recurring monthly payments

Accepted payment methods:

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