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Conquer the Internet with Unbeatable Vietnam Proxies

Broaden your horizons with 1 468 923 Vietnamese proxies! Perfect for automation, brilliant for localized research, and must-try for any scraping project you have in mind. 

Cut corners while targeting Saigon, Hanoi, or any other Vietnamese city with Smarproxy residential proxy network.

14-day money-back option
Residential proxies in Vietnam
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    Real device IPs
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    Unlimited connections and threads
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    99.99% uptime
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    0.61s avg response time
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    Advanced proxy rotation
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    Up to 30 min. sticky sessions
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    24/7 support
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    Easy setup
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    Pay As You Go option

Vietnam proxies

Vietnamese residential proxies

Set foot on the promised land with Vietnam proxies

Geo-blocks are hellish stuff, especially when you need to reach an exact place. Smartpoxy’s Vietnam IPs are no child’s play – you can choose to target the whole country or pick a city you need. 

Narrow your targeting to Saigon or Hanoi and break those unnecessary geo-barriers with more than a million different Vietnam proxies.

Vietnamese residential proxy network

Access local content with VN residential proxy network

Let the party begin with IPs that work. Residential proxies mimic real users’ online behavior; therefore, you can enjoy a block-free experience for Vietnamese targets. 

Smartproxy helps to fine-tune your research or any scraping project – we don’t charge per proxy or limit your connections or threads. You can simply pay for the traffic you use. We take care of our gear, so you can expect the best proxies you’ve seen in a while! 

Sounds too good? Don’t hum and haw – drop us a line, and we’ll dispel doubts!

A look-see to Vietnamese proxy network flow

proxy networks

Explore Vietnam proxies features

Masters of anonymity

Masters of anonymity

We take quality to another level by offering only elite proxies. This means that all Smartproxy IPs are high-anonymous and never disclose your original IP or that you’re using a proxy to your target website.

Simple as ABC setup

Simple as ABC setup

You don’t need to boil the ocean while integrating proxies – setup instructions can be like a walk in the park. We cover everything from soup to nuts in our quick start guide and help docs

Unlimited connections field

Unlimited connections field

We don’t want to tell you how much bandwidth you should use or how many times you need to connect for personal use. That’s why there’s no limit! Our price solely depends on used GB and active proxy users.

Pay As You Go option

Test without much commitment

Try Pay As You Go if a monthly sub doesn’t sound like an option. Benefit from it by paying only for the traffic you need. And if you’re using proxies daily, try our subscription model with a 14-day money-back option (terms apply).

Break up with inefficient free Vietnam proxies

Broken heart with free proxies

Free stuff is sometimes not as free as it looks at first glance. Especially when we are talking about free Vietnamese proxies. Not only are they super slow-paced, but by using them, you can trade your data for abused proxies and risk installing malware.

Better try the quality proxy service, like Smartproxy – we offer secure and high-anonymous proxies for a bargain. By the way, Proxyway has already nominated us twice for being the best value provider

Residential proxies are full of awesomeness

Unlimited connections and threads

Unlimited connections and threads

55M+ rotating IPs

55M+ rotating IPs

IPv4, HTTPS addresses

IPv4, HTTPS & SOCKS5 addresses

Over 195 countries

Over 195 countries

proxy setup

Easy proxy setup

Real mobile and desktop devices IPs

Real mobile and desktop devices IPs

 Awesome 24/7 customer support

Awesome 24/7 customer support

0.61s avg response time

0.61s avg response time

Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

Traffic usage statistics

Traffic usage statistics

Other Asian proxies


*Buy until 30.09.2023 and save big on first-time or recurring purchases

Fastest residential proxies – now for less

  • 14-day money-back option
  • HTTP(s) + SOCKS5
  • Unlimited connections and threads


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50 GB
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Enterprise plans

100 GB
Total: $520 +VAT billed monthly
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Username: password
Dedicated Account Manager
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Rated 4.8/5 based on 1023 reviews.


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Frequently asked questions about residential Vietnam proxies

What is a proxy server?

It's a server acting as a gateway for users to access the internet. By using proxies, you can access geo-blocked resources, preserve bandwidth for better connectivity, automate your bots, and more.

What does a residential proxy do?

Unlike datacenter proxies, residential IPs come from real devices. That makes them harder to be recognized and enables you to pick a specific location for targeting. They're a bit less stable and slower than IPs generated in servers because IP providers can hop in and off the network. However, they're also more block-resistant since they mimic real online behavior better.

What are the different types of proxies?

Proxies can be compared from different angles depending on their direction, anonymity, protocol, etc. If we want to analyze them from the source perspective, we usually face three types of proxies: datacenter and residential. The latter is generated from real desktop, mobile, or other devices using Wi-Fi. Datacenter IPs are machine-baked proxies, usually from the same subnet, making them easier to recognize. They're also cheaper and faster, so they're still a good choice if you don't need an extensive targeting option.

How to get Vietnamese IP?

You can easily select any location you want on the Smartproxy dashboard. Simply head to the left side and press “Endpoint generator” under the “Residential” toggle list. 

If you need to rotate your IP for each session and target areas in Vietnam, you must choose a specific domain:port combination and use the selected city or county's unique endpoint (in this case, Vietnam). 

Check out our documentation for more detailed instructions on proxy setup.

Is it legal to use Vietnamese proxies and proxies in Vietnam?

Yup, purchasing and using proxies from Vietnam is legal. You can use proxies for data gathering, verifying ads, monitoring SEO, etc.

However, you cannot use proxies for some cases like scraping governmental sites, ticketing, mailing, or streaming. There's quite a list of illegal activities not supported by ethical providers like Smartproxy. We are serious about blocking potentially fraudulent activities and only support legal and non-harmful activities with our proxies.

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