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Pricing Intelligence

Retail pricing is quite a risky thing, to put it mildly. Product prices too high – customers go elsewhere; prices too low – a product loses its value. So, you need the right pricing strategy, and pricing intelligence is a tool for that. Coupled with proxies, it allows you to monitor real-time retail price variations and consumer behavior in the market.

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Pricing Intelligence

Gathering Amazon Data | Best Tools and Practices

At Smartproxy, we’re always cookin’ up new ways to make scraping a breeze. Starting from eCommerce Scraping API to our most recent creation — Web scraping API. And don’t let anyone tell you that proxies and scraping are as complicated as rocket science. It could actually be a rather simple (and sometimes even fun) process! But let’s be real, even the top guns extracting data from eCommerce giants like Amazon might get those pesky CAPTCHAs or worse — IP ban...

How a Residential Proxy Network Helps to Scrape Amazon

The American company Amazon and its founder (the second richest and possibly the first most disliked person in the world) don’t need long introductions. Today Amazon is a giant in e-commerce, cloud storage, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, logistics, etc. We’ll focus on the e-commerce side of Amazon. Simply put, it’s the world’s leading online retailer. According to certain statistics, 90% of shoppers compare the price and quality of a product o...

Shopping Bots Explained – Different Types and Benefits

Let’s face it. No one wants to camp near shops or spend hours driving from one store to another just to find that specific item. It simply doesn't fit the pace of everyday life. We all want faster, more convenient shopping.  And here shopping bots enter the scene. Just imagine — there’s something you absolutely need to buy. All you have to do is open up a social media platform (and who doesn’t have their phone nearby when they’re chilling at home, anyway) ...

How an Amazon Proxy Helps Scrapers and Analysts

Amazon is a dominant retail force. Many smaller businesses either work under Amazon’s brand or try to compete with it. Your business cannot go up against Amazon in terms of pricing data that you have access to. Marketing agencies can use Amazon price scraping methods to gather data on relevant Amazon products. Nevertheless, this approach is risky, because it goes against Amazon’s terms of service. The online retail giant’s system is also very vigilant to o...

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