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Big data collection can be extra useful for analyzing business competition, records, trends, and other info. But, the thing is, you firstly need to sort the data you have and make sense of it. That's when parsing comes into play! Parsing saves you time and increases productivity, as it transforms unstructured and sometimes unreadable data into structured and readable one.

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A Complete Guide to Web Data Parsing Using Beautiful Soup in Python

Beautiful Soup is a widely used Python library that plays a vital role in data extraction. It offers powerful tools for parsing HTML and XML documents, making it possible to extract valuable data from web pages effortlessly. This library simplifies the often complex process of dealing with the unstructured content found on the internet, allowing you to transform raw web data into a structured and usable format. HTML document parsing plays a pivotal role in...

What to do when getting parsing errors in Python?

This one’s gonna be serious. But not scary. We know how frightening the word “programming” could be for a newbie or a person with a little technical background. But hey, don’t worry, we’ll make your trip in Python smooth and pleasant. Deal? Then, let’s go! Python is widely known for its simple syntax. On the other hand, when learning Python for the first time or coming to Python after having worked with other programming languages, you may face some diffic...

lxml Tutorial: Parsing HTML and XML Documents

Keepin’ it short and sweet: data parsing is a process of computer software converting unstructured and often unreadable data into structured and readable format. Parsing offers a lot of benefits, some of which include work optimization, saving time, reducing costs, and many more; in addition, you can use parsed data in plenty of different situations. Even tho that sounds epic, parsing itself can be quite complicated. But hold on, buddy, and get ready to ex...

How To Choose The Right Selector For Web Scraping: XPath vs CSS

If you're fresh-new to web scraping, you may not be familiar with selectors yet. Let us introduce ya – selectors are objects that find and return web items on a page. These pieces are an essential part of a scraper, as they affect your tests' outcome, efficiency, and speed. Yep, understanding the idea of a selector isn't that complicated. Finding the right selector itself might be. To be honest, even the two languages that define them, XPath and CSS, have ...

How to choose the best parser

Okay, let’s get it straight. Data is an awesome resource for analyzing and storing records, trends, and other information. But you can make rational decisions based on this information only if it’s shown clearly. That’s why we need parsing, a method to structure raw information. Parsing allows you to save time and increase productivity by converting massive amounts of data into neat and organized formats. Only then will we get the most important bits of th...

Digesting parsing: what is parsing? [VIDEO]

Just like we translate natural languages to have efficient international communication, we need to perform similar processes with programming languages to ensure success in computer sciences. That’s why parsing has emerged. Data parsing is turning raw, unstructured data into well-structured and understandable information. So if you get data in raw HTML after scraping a page with proxies, you still must run that data through a parser. It will take the HTML ...

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