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NFT stands for non-fungible token. Huh? Well, in simpler words, it’s a form of digital asset that’s unique and sold online with cryptocurrency. An NFT may be any form of digital art, including music, drawings, or even memes. The hype around the topic is real, so building knowledge and learning how to rock it seems more than necessary. Let’s do it together, shall we?

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Level up Your NFT Game – 5 Handy NFT Tools You Can Try Now

The hype around NFTs is skyrocketing as new pieces of digital artwork are minted and spread to the world. Some NFT projects explode in price, rapidly deepening the FOMO effect around flippers. All of this could sound very tense, especially if you are a newbie. But being a beginner does not mean you cannot go straight to the point by automating your flipping process. The answer on how to do that is pretty obvious – NFT bots paired with proxies.

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