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There's no secret – knowledge is the key. Wanna gain some of it? Gotcha! Keep up with our news, as it informs and allows you to stay in touch with Smartproxy’s world and the latest events. Internal news, press releases, events, and much more – you can find it all here.

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We Released Site Unblocker!

Look no further, buddy. A powerful tool for gathering public data is already here. Say hi to our newly launched product – Site Unblocker!

Scrape Like a Pro with Smartproxy Scraping Tools

Public data scraping is becoming a hot topic, and our talented devs cannot just sit back and relax. So, they took on a challenge and presented FOUR(!) powerful tools designed to harvest all sorts of web data.  How does getting real-time data from any corner of the world at a 100% success rate sound for you? If we got your attention, let's say you've already found your partner in the scraping game. Now you only need to pick your fighter (ekhm, Scraping API)...

Payments Can Be A Piece of Cake – Let Us Present Smart Wallet!

We know, we know! Dealing with payment processes for proxy subscriptions can be a real pain in the neck. Banks’ limitations for recurring payments, constant changes in laws and regulations, inability to manage your money matters, invalid payment methods… Many problems that would be so dope to avoid, right? You know us – we’re obsessed with our customers and making their proxy experience as enjoyable as a piece of delicious chocolate cake. We've been workin...

We’re Launching the New Smartproxy Proxy API

We rarely post news about our platform updates, but this week we have a real banger – the new Public Smartproxy API is now LIVE! Many of you asked for more API features, so our developers did a bangup job building it just the way you want it. From now on, our API lets you manage your whole account without logging in to the dashboard. The old API allowed you to access and use our proxies, but now we are stepping up and letting you manage the most important ...

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