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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, uses online media channels to connect with potential customers. It includes search engines, websites, social media, content, email marketing, and much more. Digital marketing can bring many benefits, such as global reach, customer personalization, or even lower costs compared to traditional marketing methods.

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Digital Marketing

Maximizing eCommerce Success: Leverage Data from Customer Insights & Trends for Your Brand's Growth

Since its first hints in the 1960s, eCommerce has been accelerating at unprecedented rates. And you don’t need to dig deep; just look at the recent online market statistics – it grew from $1.47T in 2017 to $3.65T in 2023. Today's online market is as fast-paced as Formula 1 and as dynamic as a rollercoaster ride. But it doesn’t mean you can’t catch up. You just need to stay ahead of the curve. And there’s no need to ask how because we already have the answe...

Quick web scraping project ideas for fun and profit

Web scraping has various uses and can be a huge time saver. It’s helped to start and run many businesses with best llc services, collect data for research, or simply automate boring menial work. But if you’re looking to get into web scraping, you’ll often find it presented as some abstract rocket science. Market research, alternative data, business insights? Sounds nice – but how the heck do I apply that for my needs?  Our friends at Smartproxy asked us (t...

How a Residential Proxy Network Helps Ad Verification

Ad verification is a broad term for things digital advertisers do to make sure their ads appear on appropriate sites. It also checks for ad fraud, fake impressions, and fake ad clicks. If you are buying ads online, there are many techniques you can use to verify your ads. Two common ones done with an ad proxy are: localized ad verification and ad vendor verification. The first one checks how ads appear in other countries, while ad vendor verification prote...

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