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Cybersecurity is protecting systems, networks, programs, and devices from cyber attacks. The latter ones are usually designed to access, change, or destroy valuable info. As the internet is still the Wild West, we don’t recommend monkeying around it – be aware of the dangers and implement tools, such as proxies, to protect your data. Stay safe out there!


What’s A Honeypot, And Why Should You Avoid It When Collecting Data Online?

The world of cybersecurity is evolving daily. With every great technological advancement comes a need to control and protect it from abuse. One of the main countermeasures against cybercriminals is none other than honeypots. Since its first use in the early 90s, honeypots have proven to be extremely helpful in catching hackers and improving overall security.  They’re great, but when we talk about collecting massive amounts of publicly available data, honey...

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