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Browser Fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is a method websites use to identify you and collect your data. Working silently in the background, it gathers lots of info about device model, browser, timezone, default language, etc. Yeah, and we understand – it may sound scary. But don't ya worry. There are some ways to stay safe from browser fingerprinting.

Browser Fingerprinting

Passport Control On The Website, Or What Is CAPTCHA?

We all know that moment when we set off on a cross-continental journey: long-haul flights, visa requirements, passport checks… But did you know that some websites do something similar? Apart from collecting data about you by reading your IP (e.g. location, internet service provider), some websites might add an extra layer of identity check. Yup, this additional identity check on websites is CAPTCHAs. You’d most probably agree that CAPTCHAs are tricky. They...

What is Browser Fingerprinting?

Online privacy has been an ongoing issue for quite some time now. How do you stay anonymous, protect your data and make it actually private? Most of us have resorted to VPNs and proxy networks to make our virtual lives safer. It’s a nice thought, but does it actually work? Yes, to a certain extent. While VPNs and proxy networks alone do wonders for hiding your IP address, they can’t mask your unique browser fingerprint. In this article, we’ll take a look a...

How to Prevent Browser Fingerprinting with Multilogin

Everyone wants to protect their privacy. However, lately it’s been getting harder to do so. Just as the safety measures evolve (such as VPNs and proxy networks), new ways of getting your data pop up all around too. The most recent and detailed one is browser fingerprinting. What’s tricky about it is that you can’t disable it, block it or hide from it with a VPN. However, it’s not impossible to mask your information. In this article, we’ll look through h...

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