How You Can Buy Multiple Tickets With a Proxy Network

James Keenan

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Buying tickets online is crazy difficult. Livenation sells out blockbuster concerts in minutes. Tours are booked as soon as they are announced. This happens because everyone is using automated software, also known as ticket bots, to buy many tickets at once. These bots buy multiple tickets on Ticketmaster through several accounts, each of which possesses a unique IP address – a tickets proxy – and cannot be easily detected or blocked.

getting tickets with smartproxy proxies

What this article is about:

Ticket scalping

You probably know how large a problem ticket scalping is nowadays. Events sell out in seconds and tickets appear on reseller sites like StubHub within hours, and at steep upsell prices. This is such a huge problem, that former US President Barrack Obama has banned ticket bots by Federal law. Nevertheless, the practice is still legal in a large part of the globe.

Scalping is widespread and painful to deal with for several reasons:

  • Everyone can automate a bot. Any fairly skilled programmer can create a script that will connect to a site like Ticketmaster and buy tickets automatically;
  • Some ticket bots are sold to anyone. There are ticket bot marketplaces that sell automated scripts to anyone willing to pay for it;
  • Most of the tickets aren’t even sold. The most famous ticket scalper in human history Ken Lowson has said that up to 95% of tickets never become available to the public.

This means that almost none of the publicly available tickets go to real people. Besides, botters are always in competition with each other and the ticket sites that try to block them. They use various techniques and solutions to buy more tickets automatically. Even if they get blocked, they connect through ticket proxy networks and get unblocked on Ticketmaster or any other ticket site.

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unblocking Ticketmaster with Smartproxy proxies

Buying multiple tickets

When tickets disappear in a blink of an eye, you have to be fast as lightning to buy a dozen of tickets for a company outing. To add insult to injury, most sites won’t let you buy more than a few tickets without contacting a manager. And everyone knows those tickets will sell out before you can click ‘Send’ on that email. This flawed ticket sales system forces everyone to try buying tickets with more than one account. If twelve of you try to do it at the same time, maybe at least one will succeed, right? Well, this approach has worked for ticket scalpers in the past, but nowadays ticket sites will just block your whole group outright. Especially if you do it from the same office building.

This happens because several buyers are using the same IP address to connect to a ticket site. Anyone in the same network with you shares a subnetwork IP address, which is often a sign of amateur ticket bot users. This means that you have to use advanced IP hiding techniques like ticket proxies to have a chance to buy a ticket. So, how do experienced ticket scalpers go about this?

Pro tips to never get blocked when buying tickets

To help you improve your ticket game, we asked experienced ticket buyers to share some tips:

  • First, they never use the same IP for a mass operation. They set up a rotating ticket proxy server for the bot, and the server assigns a random address for each account.
  • Second, take care to use high-quality ticket proxies, which are called residential proxies. A residential proxy is an IP address of a unique device that does not share a subnetwork with any other IP in the proxy pool. This lets them avoid subnet bans.
  • Third, they buy varying numbers of tickets. One bot might be buying two tickets, another one could be trying to scoop the maximum number of tickets allowed. This makes them harder to detect.
  • Finally, ticket bots and scripts have in-built delay functions, which make them seem like real human beings: slow and inaccurate. In reality, a bot can add tickets to a cart, enter credit card details and proceed to checkout in a fraction of a second. But in practice, they do this rather slowly to not get blocked automatically.

In reality, a bot can add tickets to cart, enter credit card details and proceed to checkout in a fraction of a second. But in practice, they do this rather slowly to not get blocked automatically.

Tickets proxy

As you see, a ticket proxy will help fool Ticketmaster or Livenation and let you buy tickets with more than one account. Sadly, this is the way many ticket scalpers also acquire tickets. Remember: buying tickets through a proxy address is completely legal. But using a ticket bot is illegal in the US and the UK, along with a few other countries. Still, the legal question has not stopped ticket bots from using ticketing proxies in either country.

connecting to ticket site through proxy

If you want to use a proxy for tickets – just configure your device or browser to connect through a proxy IP address or a proxy server. A VPN might also help, but VPNs usually have very few IP addresses in their pool, which are likely to be used by others on ticket sites and can leave you blocked and ticketless.

How to get unblocked on Ticketmaster

You can unblock Ticketmaster by changing your IP address. Thousands of people get blocked on Ticketmaster because the site is so paranoid about ticket bots. It is likely you were blocked on Ticketmaster by an automated system that tries (and fails) to catch bad actors. This is why many people like you might be looking to get unblocked on Ticketmaster and choose proxy servers to serve their ticket needs.

A Ticketmaster proxy will let you achieve this without much effort. Remember – never go against the terms of service of any site you are visiting. Ticketmaster proxies will unblock the site for you, but it’s completely up to you to not get blocked again.

Botting tickets with proxies

If you hate the ticket buying madness and trying to figure out how to use a ticket bot, you should ask yourself a couple of questions first. Is buying tickets with a bot legal in your country? Are you using a safe ticket buying script and connection? How are you going to automate and scale your operation to make it worth the hassle? Will it really be cheaper and worth your time?

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tickets proxy to reduce price

As so few tickets actually reach the general public, many people are turning to ticket bots for their personal use. Buying tickets with a bot and proxy is a standard practice in many countries. Even if it is getting illegal, the automatization of the internet and e-commerce is not slowing down.

To many, this approach is simply a lot cheaper than paying overinflated scalper prices. Still, novice ticket botters often encounter two hurdles, which prevent them from ever buying a ticket: bot settings and IP issues.

Setting up a ticket bot properly

Every automation software is different, but there are several basic rules you should follow to get the tickets you want.
First, set your bot to do a task slowly. This might seem counter-intuitive, but you have to see it from the site’s perspective.

using proxy for ticketing

If your bot adds tickets to the cart, goes to checkout, and enters your credit card details in a single second, the ticket site will know it is a bot. This means that going a bit slower should lead to more success.

The other major hurdle ticket buyers often face is IP banning and blocking. If you want to take a large group to a concert, you will likely try buying tickets from several accounts. This is where you risk being throttled (i.e. having your connection to the ticket site slowed down) or outright blocked. Use a different proxy for each account and stay unblockable on Ticketmaster.

Frequently asked questions about ticket proxies


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Can I use proxies only from a certain country?

Yes, you can. Access residential proxies through country-specific or city-specific ports by using your login credentials (username and password) or via whitelisted IPs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, and BTC. All orders are processed by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team reach out via

Where else can I use residential proxies?

You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. Smartproxy residential-level IP addresses work great with all search engines, sneaker bots (e.g. Nike Shoe Bot), data scrapers, and many other software scripts.