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Video: How To Scrape Dynamic Websites With Selenium Python

Watch this Python tutorial, and scrape dynamic websites with Selenium Python. Follow our step-by-step scraping guide as we explain the code in detail.

Martin Ganchev

Martin Ganchev

Feb 19, 2024

2 min. read

Scrape dynamic websites

Why web scrape with Selenium Python?

Selenium's ability to interact with JavaScript websites, combined with Python, provides a powerful option for web scraping. Selenium automates the browser, simulates user actions, and extracts data from dynamically generated websites.

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content is the website elements that change after the initial page load. Unlike static content, which remains constant, dynamic content is usually loaded dynamically through JavaScript. The feed you see depends on your search history, geo-location, cookies, and other browser fingerprint features. Some examples of dynamic content include real-time stock prices, social media feeds, or interactive forms that update without a page refresh.

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Martin Ganchev

Martin Ganchev

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Scrape dynamic websites

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