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Let us tell ya a secret. Some people get online votes for competitions, giveaways, lotteries, or contests with… a bot! Votebots automate voter actions and perform them at scale. They can sign in to an account, change its IP address, go to a site, browse around, and click on the vote. Just a reminder – while enjoying the benefits of a bot, don’t forget to use proxies.

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What’s the Fastest Gateway to Getting Online Votes?

Have you ever wondered how some people successfully get online votes for Facebook competitions, YouTube videos, online lotteries, and contests? These are the same people who know how to vote multiple times on Strawpoll. They get all the tags, likes, and retweets, but how do they do it? The short answer is a vote bot. Yet, the reality is a bit more complicated than running a simple automatic poll bot, so let’s jump in.

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