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Aug 06, 2021
6 minutes read

What’s the Fastest Gateway to Getting Online Votes?

Have you ever wondered how some people successfully get online votes for Facebook competitions, YouTube videos, online lotteries, and contests? These are the same people who know how to vote multiple times on Strawpoll. They get all the tags, likes, and retweets, but how do they do it? The short answer is a vote bot. Yet, the reality is a bit more complicated than running a simple automatic poll bot, so let’s jump in.

Getting bots from US and France to win online polls
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How to vote multiple times on Strawpoll

First, let’s make things clear. We don’t encourage any wrongdoing or cheating. We are simply sharing information and knowledge. Online content manipulation has been around since the first online polls. Long ago, you could vote from the same device as many times as you wanted. Eventually, poll creators caught on and started limiting responses from IP addresses. Strawpoll, a voting system that allows creating polls on the web, has also implemented this IP duplication check. Yet, tech-savvy voters have come up with options to overcome these obstacles.

The order of actions for voting multiple times on Strawpoll is pretty straightforward:

  1. Change your IP address
  2. Clear your browser cookies (or use a different browser with a proxy)
  3. Log in to a different account (if the poll requires that)
  4. Vote and repeat

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However, if you wish to vote thousands of times, you’ll need an automatic voting bot. This way, you’ll get online votes fast but face certain limitations. With an automatic bot, you have to scale a lot of data, including your IP address pool and the number of accounts. Luckily, a good proxy pool will let you do both.

Automatic bot for online polls

Get unlimited proxies for online votes

The best proxy type for online votes is residential proxies. Period. A residential proxy is the IP address of a real, unique device, so poll websites will not suspect any vote manipulation. This is the sole reason why you should use residential proxies.

What about other types of proxies? Most sites easily detect datacenter proxies and VPNs, so avoid using them for anything more than a couple of votes. Sure, you can gather an extensive proxy list yourself. Yet, given the rate public proxies are used these days, most of them will be offline before switching on your voting bot.


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Voting bots

Vote bots offer a few attractive options. They can automate voter actions and perform them at scale. An autovote bot can sign in to an account, change its IP address, go to a site, browse around, click on the vote, and even like a post with no suspicious information whatsoever. However, just a bot is not enough.

You could get thousands of online votes by setting up a bot to do what you need and integrating a proxy network for it to use. When an automatic vote bot works in line with a huge residential proxy pool, it can’t be stopped. This is why most countries avoid online voting, as any data on the web can be (and is) easily manipulated.

Countries avoiding online voting

Get more on giveaways

‘Share this post and follow us, and the share with the most likes will win.’ Sounds familiar? It most likely does as you see this message on Facebook now and then. If you participate in such giveaways, you can manipulate the voting in the same way as the Strawpoll polls.

This is the secret behind those who always win one giveaway after another. They run a vote bot on their computer or have multiple social media accounts, which they manage automatically. This is an example of how they stay undetected, thanks to a residential proxy network like ours.

Get Facebook votes

If you have a couple of unused email addresses and want to participate in different voting competitions, you might register multiple Facebook accounts using a proxy network. This will let you increase your follower count, create groups, and like or share your own posts. This also works for any Facebook poll, where you can use residential proxies with multiple accounts to vote as many times as you wish.

To make multiple profile management easier, check the latest addition to the Smartproxy’s set of free tools – the X Browser. It’ll let you hide and control your digital tire tracks by creating unique fingerprints for each profile. You will be able to create and manage your profiles through the main window, which will also include proxy location selection, OS type, time zone selection, webRTC, and more.


Vote manipulation is a tough topic to get into. We believe it’s the poller’s responsibility to protect the integrity of their platform and any poll results. Many will try to break the system, while others might use proxies or other options to do that. Currently, we see these giveaways and online polls as untrustworthy, and we have no issue with savvy people challenging their credibility with ingenious tactics.

Using an online voting bot is easy, and with the right proxy network, you will be unstoppable.


James Keenan

Senior content writer

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Strawpoll bot?

It’s a voting bot for Strawpoll typically written in Python 3.x. It uses a proxy list to vote several times in a poll. The bot works on different polls, such as IP Limitation Checking polls or No Limitation Checking polls. However, it usually doesn’t work with polls that have captcha protection. The Strawpoll bot works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

How do you bot vote in Strawpoll?

To start winning in Strawpoll voting, you will need to set up a bot. There are a few options available on GitHub. For example, Siaperas or MoonfireSeco. And do you know the best deal here? It’s that you can set up a bot on your own! We recommend you use Python as it’s so user-friendly that everyone can develop bots with it. Those without computer programming skills learn it very quickly and get a bot developed.

Are free Strawpoll bots safe?

Sure, some services provide free Strawpoll bots. Most such scripts are available on GitHub, too. However, we don’t recommend this type of bots as you never know what data they collect while performing a task for you. There are no bots we vouch for, but our advice is simple: don’t blindly go with the first free services you discover online.

How do I set up a bot for a specific poll?

To set up a bot, you will need the poll id and the target. The poll id is always in the url taking you straight to your poll. Let’s take this URL as an example: Here, the afbch18 is the id. To find the target, you have to right-click the checkbox you want to vote for. Then, search for a value starting with ‘check’, for example, check4547864. This is the checkbox id.

How to use residential proxies with bots?

We have a list of great configuration guides for several popular bots. Integration of our advanced proxy network into a bot is as easy as pie. Our proxies are 100% compatible with all major automation tools that support HTTP or HTTPS proxies. For more details on how to use residential proxies with bots, have a look at our full list of integrations.

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