Chrome Proxy Extension
The Only Proxy Add-On You Need

Easy to use, damn powerful. Smartproxy in your browser

Our proxy extension for Chrome brings you the essential proxy session features right in your browser.

    Get instant proxy access

    Use only residential IP addresses

    Any country in the world

    Enjoy 24/7 support

    2-click custom sessions

    Use proxies on different devices

Smartproxy Chrome extension

Don’t want to use the slickest proxy extension on the market? Learn how to set up proxies on Chrome.

Access localized content by using a single Chrome extension for proxies

Use the easiest thing online – a dropdown menu – to pick a country and get a new IP address instantly.

This is the perfect proxy extension to check your proxy connection and use browser scraping anonymously.

Smartproxy extension.Choose location

A Chrome proxy extension that simply works

Stop worrying about finding proxies for your browsing. Our Chrome proxy extension lets you log in and instantly access real residential proxies around the world. Use your proxy user credentials to access proxies on multiple devices running Chrome.

The defining Chrome proxy plugin to manage anything, anywhere

Smartproxy extension sticky session

Need to access and manage multiple social media accounts for your agency?

Smartproxy extension is the perfect proxy plugin for any large-scale operation. Just set up a location and use a sticky session to access and manage an account instantly.

The proxy add-on you don’t want to miss

A 2-click setup and you’re in. Our Smartproxy extension (or proxy add-on) brings real residential proxies to your browser.

Pick proxies from any geographic location and access sites like a local. Use scraper extensions and user agent changers with the most powerful proxies known to online businessmen like you – real residential proxies.

Smartproxy extension

Perfect proxy extension for Chrome and Chromium automation

Use your browser or Chromium driver to automate data scraping tasks and make sure your project is under the radar with real residential IP addresses. Check client’s websites and verify any project anonymously with proxies in your Chrome browser.

I like that Smartproxy can offer this extension since not so many proxy providers offer you such feature. Proxies also work fast while using extension with minor issues that are solved fast so all in all I had great experience using this extension.

Smartproxy Chrome extension user

Heck, use it as a website unblocker for Chrome

Want to avoid IP tracking or unblock a website in Chrome? Our proxy extension will change your IP address to a real residential address that is associated with an ISP. This means that you will be extremely unlikely to be tracked or blocked by any website.

Smartproxy extension sessions
Smartproxy extension delete browsing data

Remember – if a site is blocking your country, choose a session with a precise location to get an IP from that country or city to unblock the site in your browser. Remember to clear your cookies often and consider changing your user agent to stay more anonymous when unblocking sites.

Better proxies mean a better proxy extension

You need the smartest proxy extension to run with the best proxies, right? Well, there are no better proxies than residential proxies on Smartproxy. We’re an award-winning band of cheeky bastards that make you look like 40 million average Joes around the world.

Traffic usage statistics in smartproxy dashboard

And with the extension you don’t need to sweat about browser proxy settings and session strings. All it takes is selecting a location, a session type and you’re golden.

Smartest proxy extension on the Chrome web store – no coding, seamless integration


What is the best proxy addon for Chrome?

If you are using real residential proxies from Smartproxy, there is no better proxy management solution (or proxy addon on Chrome) than the Smartproxy extension.

Does the Smartproxy extension have a toolbar?

Toolbars are so 2000 and late, old man. Get with the times. Instead of a proxy toolbar, you get a simple extension button that is beautiful like your mom, smart like Stephen Hawking. It even has a night mode. Proxy toolbars…pffft.

Will I need a proxy changer on Chrome to stay anonymous?

No, dawg, we’ve got you covered. With our extension you not only get the slickest, funnest and night-mode-compatible experience, you also get rotating proxy sessions. It means that you just have to select a rotating session and your IP address will switch for every connection. Drop that proxy changer, you’re smarter than that.

How long does it take the Smartproxy extension to change proxy servers?

If you use rotating sessions, proxies change instantly on Chrome. If you use a sticky session, the IP you have will stay assigned to you for up to 10 minutes.