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Make the most of Residential and Datacenter Australian Proxies

Use half a million Smartproxy IPs in Australia for your needs. Access our vast Australian proxy network with high-quality IP addresses to browse, scrape and unblock data, verify advertisements, or test applications instantly.

55M+ residential and datacenter IPs
Fastest response time
99.68% success rate
99.99% uptime
Intuitive setup
24/7 live chat
14-day money-back option
Make the most of Residential and Datacenter Australian Proxies

Australian proxies

Australian proxies

Easy-to-use Australian proxies

Get easy access to Australian proxies with just one endpoint. Mask your IP and access 516,391 Australian IPs on any browser, device, or automation software.

Our helpful setup guides make it a breeze to use with popular bots, programs, scrapers, and devices for a seamless proxy experience. So, why settle for less? Get your hands on Smartproxy Australian proxies now!

Residential AU proxy network

Localize your projects with a residential AU proxy network

Our residential Australian IP addresses are registered with Aussie ISPs and are unlikely to be blocked. Thus, they are perfect for data scraping and can easily connect to major services like Google or Amazon.

But there’re more reasons to be in love with our residential proxies:

  • High success rate (99.68%);
  • The fastest average response time in the market (<0.5s);
  • City-level targeting;
  • Advanced rotation;
  • Pay As You Go option;
  • User:pass authentication and IP whitelisting.

How it works:

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Top-of-the-line shared datacenter proxies

Shared datacenter proxies

Need some reliable, fast, yet affordable proxies? Experience unparalleled connection speeds with our datacenter proxies. Get started for as little as $10/month with our flexible pay per IP plans.

How do Australian proxies work?

How do Australian proxies work?

Why you want Smartproxy:


Forget a proxy list

Ditch the old proxy lists for our advanced Australian proxy network. Access thousands of unique IPs with a precise gateway and freshen up connections with rotating sessions.


14-day money-back

Enjoy maximum performance without any pressure. Buy any of our proxy plans and take up to 14 days to decide. If you're not impressed, we'll refund you (terms apply).


Smooth setup

Access Aussie news with our Australian IP addresses on your browser. Safari, Chrome, Firefox? Check our configurations page. Besides, try easy setup with our Chrome extension – get a real AU IP in minutes.


24/7 customer support

Our experienced tech wizards are here 24/7 for you to answer any proxy questions. Some say they respond in seconds. Find out yourself and drop a line via our LiveChat.

Don’t be fooled by those free Australian proxy lists

Using free proxies

Sure, free proxies might sound like a great deal, but here's the catch: they're using YOU as their product. How do they make money, you ask? By harvesting your data and inserting malicious codes. Trust us, you don't want to fall victim to that. 

Save yourself the headache and go with reputable Australian IPs that Smartproxy offers. You'll sleep better at night knowing your personal information is protected.

Start using Smartproxy Australian proxies


3 proxy types




Intuitive setup


Industry-leading performance


Awesome 24/7 customer support


195+ locations


Easy self-service



Choose the best proxy plan


2 GB

Save 14%



Total: $14

$12 +VAT billed monthly


3 IPs



$7.5 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back

Need more?


Chat with us and we’ll find the best solution for you

14-day money-back

SSL Secure Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL

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Frequently asked questions about Australian proxies

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy is a type of proxy that uses a regular home internet connection to hide your real IP address and make it appear like you're browsing from a different location. They're often used for online market research, web scraping, and bypassing geographical restrictions.

What is a datacenter proxy?

A datacenter proxy is a server hosted in a facility that houses computer systems and associated components. It's used for various purposes like masking the original IP address, load balancing, and accessing geographically restricted content by routing requests through a server in a different location.

How can you appear to be in Australia?

The easiest way to do this is by changing your IP address to an Australian one. Smartproxy will make you appear to be from Australia in under a minute.

How to proxy through Australia?

Easy – you can proxy through Australia by using our residential Australian proxy servers. Unblock content, access any website, and test localization today!

How to change proxy settings to Australia?

Our dashboard lets you choose a target country from a dropdown list. Select Australia and choose your session type to get a gateway for unlimited rotating or sticky Australian proxies.

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