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Virgin Proxies

Virgin Proxies are IP addresses or proxy servers that have never been used before. These fresh proxies are free from any prior usage history, ensuring they are not blacklisted or flagged by any websites or services. The primary advantages of virgin proxies include high anonymity, fast and reliable connections, and superior performance with lower latency.

Common Uses

  • Web Scraping: Less likely to be blocked, making data collection more efficient.
  • Ad Verification: Allows users to check ads from different locations without detection.
  • SEO Monitoring: Provides accurate monitoring of SEO performance across multiple regions.
  • Accessing Geo-restricted Content: Enables users to bypass regional limitations without being detected.


  • Avoiding Bans: Their clean history minimizes the risk of bans or blocks.
  • Improved Success Rates: Higher success rates in web scraping and automation tasks.
  • Better Security: Enhanced security for activities requiring a high level of anonymity.

In summary, virgin proxies are a premium choice for those needing reliable, high-performance proxies. Their untouched status offers significant advantages in terms of anonymity, speed, and success rates, making them ideal for a wide range of online applications.

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