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Video: Site Unblocker Setup Guide

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through setting up Smartproxy’s Site Unblocker. We will show you how to authenticate, adjust Site Unblocker settings, and use the tool for web scraping.

Vilius Sakutis

Vilius Sakutis

Feb 19, 2024

2 min. read

What is Site Unblocker?

Site Unblocker is an advanced proxy solution that integrates as a proxy yet lets you gather data from websites with even the most sophisticated anti-bot systems. This tool is a supreme site unlocker that loosens the shackles of your target website with automatic proxy rotation and pool management, browser fingerprinting, JavaScript rendering, and other features. Best of all, you’ll only be charged for successful results, so it’s the ideal choice for saving costs on development and infrastructure maintenance.

About the author

Vilius Sakutis

Vilius Sakutis

Head of Partnerships

With an eagerness to create beneficial partnerships that drive business growth, Vilius brings valuable expertise and collaborative spirit to the table. His skill set is a valuable asset for those seeking to uncover new possibilities and learn more about the proxy market. 


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