Do You Want to Get Online Votes?

James Keenan

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

Have you ever wondered how some people get online votes for Facebook competitions, Twitter giveaways and online lotteries? These are the same people who know how to vote multiple times on Strawpoll. They seem to get all the likes and retweets, but how do they do it? The short answer is: a vote bot. But usually, the reality is a bit more complicated than running a simple autovote bot, so let’s jump in.

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How to vote multiple times on Strawpoll

First of all, we do not want to encourage any wrongdoing or cheating, we are simply sharing knowledge. Online vote manipulation has been around since the first online poll was created. For the longest time, you could vote any number of times you wanted from the same device. Eventually, poll creators caught on and started limiting votes by IP addresses. Strawpoll, being a major polling platform it is, has also implemented this IP duplication checking. Nevertheless, tech savvy voters have come up with ways to forego any obstacles to vote manipulation.

To vote multiple times on Strawpoll:

  • Change your IP address,

  • Clear your browser cookies (or use a different browser with a proxy)

  • Log in to a different account (if the poll requires it)

  • Vote and repeat

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If, however, you want to vote thousands of times, you will need an automatic vote bot. Vote bots can get you online votes fast, but they have other limitations.

With an autovote bot, you have to scale everything: your IP address pool and number of accounts. Luckily, a good proxy pool will let you do both.

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Get unlimited proxies for online votes

The best proxy type for online votes are residential proxies. Period. A residential proxy is the IP address of a real, unique device, so any poll site (including Facebook or a random giveaway site) will not suspect any vote manipulation. This is the sole reason why you should use residential proxies.

A residential proxy is the IP address of a real, unique device, so any vote site (including Facebook or a random giveaway site) will not suspect any vote manipulation.

Datacenter proxies and VPNs are easily detected by most sites, so you should avoid using them for anything more than a couple of votes. You can, however, try to gather an extensive proxy list yourself, but, at the rate public proxies are used these days, most of them will be offline before you switch on your vote bot.

Vote bots

Vote bots can automate voter actions and perform them at scale. An autovote bot can log into an account, change its IP, go to a site, browse around, click on the vote and even like an unrelated post to not look suspicious. When an automatic vote bot is combined with a huge residential proxy pool, it cannot be stopped.

You could be getting thousands of online votes simply setting up a bot to do what you want to and integrating a proxy network for it to use. This is why most countries avoid online voting, as anything online can be (and is) easily manipulated.

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Get more votes on giveaways

If you participate in giveaways with votes (like the all-time favorites on Facebook: ‘share this post and follow us, and the share with the most likes will win’), you can manipulate them in the same way as the Strawpoll polls. This is the secret behind those people you know who are always winning one giveaway after the next – they most likely are running a vote bot or have multiple social media accounts which they manage automatically and stay undetected thanks to a residential proxy network like ours.

Get Facebook votes

If you have a couple of unused email addresses and are looking for some fun, you might want to register multiple Facebook accounts by using a proxy network and then increase your follower count, create groups and like or share your own posts. This also goes for any Facebook votes, where you can use residential proxies with multiple accounts to vote any times you want.

If you participate in giveaways with votes, you can manipulate them in the same way as the Strawpoll polls.


Vote manipulation is a tough topic to get into. We believe it is the poller’s responsibility to protect the integrity of their platform and the results of any poll. We know that many people will try to break the system nonetheless, and some might even use proxies or any other means to do that. Currently, we see these giveaways and online polls as untrustworthy, and we have no issue in savvy people destroying their credibility with ingenious tactics.

Using an online voting bot is easy, and with the right proxy network anyone can become unstoppable.