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The Only 10 Antidetect Browsers You Need to Know About in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of internet privacy and security, staying ahead requires using state-of-the-art tools and practices, including VPNs, password managers, anti-virus software, firewalls, ad blockers, and more. Among these security measures, antidetect browsers hold a unique place, as they cater to enhancing online security and privacy by obscuring the user’s digital footprints. With a plethora of different browsers out there, this blog post will guide you through the best and most effective antidetect browsers of 2024.

The Only 10 Antidetect Browsers You Need to Know About in 2024

What is an antidetect browser?

An antidetect browser is a specialized web browser designed to prevent websites from tracking your online activities and personal information. Unlike conventional browsers that leave digital footprints, antidetect browsers enable users to control and modify their digital fingerprints, such as IP addresses, browser types, and system configurations, thereby enhancing privacy and security online.

How does an antidetect browser work?

Antidetect browsers work by obfuscating your digital fingerprint, making it difficult for websites to track or identify you. They offer features like browser profile management, where each profile can have its own set of fingerprints (e.g., user agent, screen resolution, operating system) and cookies. This allows users to operate multiple accounts on the same platform without being detected or banned.

Best antidetect browsers for 2024

Let’s overview the 10 best antidetect browsers available in 2024. We’ll highlight their key features, compatibility, prices, trial options, and additional unique points that help enhance your online privacy and security.


GoLogin stands out with its cloud-based operation, offering access from anywhere without needing installation. Its Orbita privacy browser ensures your activities are shielded from prying eyes.

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, cloud.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $49/month.
  • Free trial: 7 days with access to all functions or a free plan with 3 profiles and limited functions.
  • Main features: Cloud-based operation, Orbita privacy browser, built-in proxies.
  • Unique advantage: Allowing operation via a web interface without the need for local software installation.


AdsPower, known for its user-friendly interface and robust account management features, is a top choice for marketers and social media managers. It supports bulk account operation, making it easier to manage multiple profiles efficiently.

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux (beta).
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $9/month.
  • Free trial: 3 days with many functions or a free plan with 2 profiles and limited functions.
  • Main features: Multi-account management, anti-fingerprint technology, team collaboration tools.
  • Unique advantage: Customizable pricing model, making it a cost-effective solution for various needs.

Octo Browser

Octo Browser offers a unique approach to antidetection with its advanced algorithms for generating believable digital fingerprints. It’s designed for both individual privacy enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux (beta).
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $29/month.
  • Free trial: Unavailable.
  • Main features: Advanced fingerprinting techniques, built-in proxy service, profile import/export.
  • Unique advantage: Using real device fingerprints for profile creation, offering superior identification and account protection.


MoreLogin is known for advanced fingerprint browser technology, with over 7 years of experience in this field. Our leading canvas fingerprinting makes bypassing website detection easier. We prioritize user data privacy with strict encryption and audits by reputable security institutions.

  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $7.2 (Get a 20% discount)
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial with 2 browser profiles available after the trial.
  • Main features: Account security, advanced canvas fingerprinting, team working, user-friendly synchronizer.
  • Unique advantage: 24/7 support and truly secure fingerprint browser.


Genlogin excels in making web automation simpler and more accessible, offering a professional and user-friendly platform that helps businesses and individuals streamline their digital workflows with automation.

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $20/month.
  • Free trial: Free plan with 5 profiles and all functions.
  • Main features: Multi-account management, simulating genuine parameters of current computer models, free peer-to-peer proxies.
  • Unique advantage: Offering security protection to prevent account lockouts, allowing users to manage a large number of accounts from any platform.


Kameleo is popular among those looking to bypass strict platform detection mechanisms, thanks to its mobile device emulation and wide range of customizable fingerprints.

  • Operating system: Windows.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $59/month.
  • Free trial: Contact the provider for eligibility assessment.
  • Main features: Mobile device emulation, wide range of fingerprint settings, automated script support.
  • Unique advantage: Providing a strong focus on bypassing anti-bot systems, particularly for social media platforms.


Incogniton emphasizes data protection and offers a high degree of customization for fingerprints. It’s suitable for teams, offering shared access to browser profiles without compromising security.

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $29.99/month.
  • Free trial: Free plan with 10 profiles and limited features.
  • Main features: Selenium/Puppeteer integration, advanced fingerprint customization, unlimited profile creation, team features, detailed guides.
  • Unique advantage: Allowing replacing multiple physical workstations with virtual profiles, saving on maintenance and procurement.

Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty focuses on simplicity and efficiency, providing a straightforward platform for easily managing multiple identities online.

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $89/month.
  • Free trial: Free plan with 10 profiles and limited functions.
  • Main features: Bulk profile management, integration with popular automation tools, proxy manager.
  • Unique advantage: Offering specialized solutions for affiliate marketing and ad verification.


VMLogin combines the power of virtual machines with antidetect features, offering a scalable solution for businesses and individuals who require a high level of anonymity.

  • Operating systems: Windows.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $99/month.
  • Free trial: 3 days with limited features.
  • Main features: Browser virtualization, cloud support, profile sharing.
  • Unique advantage: Utilizing virtual machine technology to separate and manage browser profiles securely.


Maskfog is gaining attention for its innovative approach to privacy, offering dynamic fingerprint adjustments that adapt to the latest tracking technologies.

  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS.
  • Monthly subscription price: Starts from $2/month.
  • Free trial: Free plan with limited functions.
  • Main features: Dynamic fingerprint technology, support for multiple browsers, profile encryption.
  • Unique advantage: Each tab operating with unique digital fingerprints and IP addresses, providing a high level of anonymity and security against websites’ anti-bot systems.

Summary of the top antidetect browsers for 2024

  1. GoLogin
  2. AdsPower
  3. Octo Browser
  4. MoreLogin
  5. Genlogin
  6. Kameleo
  7. Incogniton
  8. Dolphin Anty
  9. VMLogin
  10. Maskfog

Wrapping up

There you have it! The browsers highlighted above are our top picks for 2024, and selecting the right one depends on your desired anonymity level, ease of use, operational scale, and other needs. With digital privacy concerns on the rise, we hope you’ll find yourself a tremendous antidetect browser for protecting your online identity.

Frequently asked questions

What are antidetect browsers used for?

Users of antidetect browsers seek to protect their privacy, manage multiple accounts without detection, bypass geo-restrictions, conduct competitive research without revealing their identity, and avoid tracking and personalized ads. Antidetect browsers are essential for anyone looking to maintain anonymity and security across various online activities.

Can antidetect browsers completely hide my online activity?

While antidetect browsers significantly enhance your privacy by masking your digital fingerprint, no tool can guarantee complete anonymity. It’s also important to adopt good security practices, like using VPNs and being cautious about the information you share online.

How do I choose the best antidetect browser for me?

Choosing the best antidetect browser depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like the level of privacy required, the number of profiles you need to manage, ease of use, and budget. Testing a few options can help determine which browser best suits your requirements.

What is a virtual browser?

A virtual browser is a web browser that operates on a virtual machine. Using a virtual browser allows secure access to the internet, performing transactions, and interacting online without exposing personal details.

What is browser fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is a method websites use to gather details about your device and browser, like screen size, operating system, and fonts, to make a unique "fingerprint". This allows them to track and recognize users online without needing cookies. Users can employ browser extensions or anti-detection tools to avoid browser fingerprinting.

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