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Ticket Resale

We all know the struggle. You wanna buy tickets to the concert of your fav artist; but unfortunately, all tickets get sold in – literally! – a blink of an eye. So, you decide to introduce yourself to resellers. They use bots to buy multiple tickets through several accounts; with the help of proxies, each possesses a unique IP that can't be easily detected and blocked. And after that, they resell those tickets to you. Big brain moment, innit?

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ticket resale

How You Can Buy Multiple Tickets With a Proxy Network

Let’s face it: buying tickets online is crazy difficult. Websites sell out blockbuster concerts in minutes; tours are booked as soon as they’re announced; and purchasing tickets to any live events seem to require real superhuman speed. This phenomenon happens because of ticket scalping. See, many people use ticket bots to buy many tickets at once. These bots buy multiple tickets on ticket-selling websites through several accounts. Each possesses a unique I...

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