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How to Set up Residential Proxies for Scrapy Proxy Middleware

Learn how to set up residential proxies on Scrapy Proxy Middleware.

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Scrapy Proxy Middleware integration:

1. Open Terminal window.

2. Navigate to the main directory of your project folder using:

cd yourprojectname

3. Download our proxy middleware using the following command:

C:\Users>cd smartproxy
C:\Users\smartproxy>curl > smartproxy auth.py_
curl >

4. You should now see your project folder populated with file. file

5. Using a file manager, navigate to your project folder, you should see  file located at the bottom of the directory.

6. Edit the file using an editor of your choice. file

7. Add the following properties at the bottom:


'scrapy.downloadermiddlewares.httpproxy. HttpProxyMiddleware': 110,
'yourprojectname.smartproxy_auth. ProxyMiddleware': 100,

SMARTPROXY_USER = 'username' ## Smartproxy Username (Sub-user)
SMARTPROXY_PASSWORD = 'password' ## Password for your user
SMARTPROXY_ENDPOINT = '' ## Endpoint you'd like to use
SMARTPROXY_PORT = '7000' ## Port of the endpoint you are using.

8. In DOWNLOADER_MIDDLEWARES change yourprojectname line to the name of your project.

Smartproxy proxy Middleware

9. Make sure that you enter your details account details as well as proxy details within punctuation marks ('').

10. Save the file.

To find more information about the setup, make sure to visit our Github Page.

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