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MacOS Terminal

MacOS Terminal is a command-line interface (CLI) application for MacOS, Apple’s operating system. It allows users to interact with the system using text-based commands rather than graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Terminal provides access to the underlying Unix-based core of MacOS, offering powerful capabilities for advanced users, developers, and system administrators.

Key Features of MacOS Terminal

  1. Command Execution: Run various commands, scripts, and programs directly, managing tasks more efficiently than through GUI.
  2. Shell Access: Use different shell environments like Bash, Zsh, and Fish, which offer scripting and automation capabilities.
  3. File Management: Navigate the file system, create and modify files and directories, and manage permissions.
  4. System Monitoring: Monitor system performance and processes, view logs, and manage system resources.
  5. Network Operations: Perform network-related tasks such as connecting to remote servers, transferring files, and network diagnostics.

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