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Data server

What is a data server?

A data server (DS) is a software platform that offers database services, including data storage, processing, and security. Depending on their specific roles and functionalities, it may also be a file server or web server. 

Various software programs or components utilize these services. Sometimes, the hardware hosting the database is also called a database server. 

Thus, a data server encompasses software and hardware components, running the installed database and offering necessary services.

How does a data server work?

  1. Data servers store files or websites on their hard drives.
  2. When a computer on the network seeks access to this data, it sends a request to the server.
  3. The server processes the request, retrieves the data, and transmits it back to the computer via the internet or network.
  4. Multiple security measures safeguard the data from unauthorized access.
  5. System administrators routinely monitor and maintain server functionality for optimal performance.

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