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Pay As You Go is a payment system that allows you to use residential or mobile proxies without buying a monthly subscription. You can access Pay As You Go on the dashboard and purchase GBs for Smartproxy's residential or mobile proxies with it. This payment system is only available with Smart Wallet. Thus you have to top up your Smart Wallet, and only then you'll be able to use Pay As You Go. 

With Pay As You Go, 1GB costs $7 for residential proxies and $20 for mobile proxies (note that one Smart Wallet credit equals one dollar), and you can purchase only one GB at a time.  After you use 90% of 1GB, you'll be automatically charged for the next GB. So don't forget to turn Pay As You Go off when you don't need it.

If you decide to take a pause and have unused traffic, you can use it within 12 months.

Be aware that you can't have a monthly subscription plan and Pay As You Go simultaneously. 

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