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How to change your IP address right now

Your IP address identifies you to every server you connect to. It shows your location, internet service provider (ISP) and other information that might make you vulnerable to identity theft or hacking. Change the IP address of your devices to protect yourself.

Changing IP with a proxy server

The easiest way to change an IP address of a device is by using a proxy server. A proxy is an intermediary device that mediates your every connection online. We won't go into the pros and cons of the numerous types of proxies on this page. But you should know that an anonymous proxy will reliably hide your IP address from outsiders.

While other proxies might leak your true IP address when connecting to other services, anonymous proxies every server will recognize the IP address of the proxy server as your true IP. This is how you can change your IP address in under a minute.

Every device can use a proxy

Any device that connects to the internet can do it through a proxy. Even a smartphone can change your IP through a proxy. Click any icon below to see our detailed instructions for setting up proxies on your favorite browser or device.

Choose only trusted, anonymous proxies for IP change

Since there are so many types of proxies and proxy networks for changing your IP, you should take care to find the best proxy server. In general, you should use only anonymous proxies to change your IP. As the name suggests, those proxies are the best for keeping your real IP secret.

You might want to try some free proxies, but we strongly advise against it. Free proxies change your IP, but they also might intercept your data. This is how those free proxies pay for the bandwidth traffic you use. Don't use free proxies and stay safe from hackers. Instead, use trusted paid proxy services. Privacy and anonymity have a cost and are really worth it. For example, our lowest anonymous residential proxy plan starts as low as $80/month. Or you can choose the usage-based Pay As You Go option and use residential proxies without buying a subscription.