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Best Instagram Proxies

Manage and grow your Instagram accounts freely. Make unlimited connections and threads with your favorite Instagram bots without any geo-restrictions or IP blocks. 

Our proxies work with all major Instagram tools and bots: Gramdominator, Gramista, Follow Liker, Instmacro, and many more!

proxies for instagram
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    40M+ residential IPs
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    0.61s average speed
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    99.99% uptime
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    Up to 30 min. sticky sessions
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    195+ locations
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    Advanced rotation
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    99.47% success rate
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    24/7 live chat
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    Pay As You Go option

Why you need proxies for Instagram

need residential proxies

While Instagram’s popularity is sky-high, so are its security measures. Instagram is keen on banning all sorts of bots and preventing users from automating certain actions. That’s why, for online business owners and freelancers, dealing with multiple accounts becomes challenging work. 

Instagram constantly checks the IP addresses of its users in databases that show ISP information. If one IP has too many accounts, then they get banned. Fret not, ‘cause with our residential proxies, you’ll look like another average user to Instagram no matter how many accounts you have. And since residential proxies come from real devices – well, say goodbye to Insta blocks. 

proxies features

Instagram account localization

Every good Instagrammer knows that you should use location tags to get more exposure and engagement with your target audience. With proxies, you can target specific countries and cities which will ultimately get you closer to your desired audience and increase your popularity.

If you want to target Insta accounts in another country, your proxy should be located in that country as well. Just set a backconnect proxy endpoint to that particular location and watch your bot grow that account.

What if you’re in a country that limits access to Instagram? No problem – with the help of proxies, users can avoid blocks like these without hassle.

Multiple account management

Instagram isn’t too keen on the idea of bots running accounts on their platform since they make it easier for users to buy Instagram accounts and manage them en masse. As such, the platform often drops an IP ban on any suspicious user.

With our industry-leading residential proxies, however, you won’t ever have to worry about a single IP ban. A good Instagram bot coupled with our proxies will allow you to have dozens or hundreds of accounts, generate tons of engagement and attract potential customers.

Unlock your full online potential with Smartproxy

Unlock your full online potential with Smartproxy

If you choose residential proxies, our advanced rotating network will assign you a different IP with every new connection you make so all those IP bans and blocks can fly straight out the window. 

Or, if you need to hold on to a specific IP for a longer period of time – you can choose our sticky session which will allow you to do just that from 1 to 10 or even 30 minutes. 

For those who want to maintain the same IP that is solely theirs – you should definitely get our dedicated datacenter proxies. They’re fast (<0.3s average response time), stable and since these proxies are located in the US, they’re great for multi-account management in that location. Oh, and one more thing – if you don't like some (or even all!) of the IPs, you're free to replace them.

How Smartproxy works

How Smartproxy works

Pick your location – get a random IP from the whole pool or choose geo-targeting and get an IP from a specific country or city. 

Choose a rotating or sticky session – rotate IPs on every new request or keep an IP from 1 to 10 or even  30 minutes with a sticky session. 

Select a target – your requests will be routed through elite proxies when accessing the web.

Mobile proxies integration

Be smart about automating Instagram with a bot

Start off with real emails and let your accounts age for a week before posting. Remember to keep it simple and post only a few posts in the beginning, then increase your activity gradually.

Don’t let your Instagram bot get out of control! If you make too many actions per day, Instagram will block or ban your accounts. Not even Instagram proxies will be able to help you with that. 

To further enhance your anonymity online, you should definitely try our anti-detection management tool – X Browser. It’s an awesome free tool you can get once you subscribe to any of our residential plans. X Browser assigns you a unique fingerprint which, coupled with our proxies, will make you a true ace of scaling your online business on Instagram!

Keep away from free Instagram proxies 

Keep away from free Instagram proxies 

Anything that’s advertised as ‘free’ online should send off warning signs and red flags, particularly when it involves your online security and sensitive data.

Free Instagram proxies can be traps to get your account data. Hackers and frauds set up free public proxies for Instagram and steal accounts, data, and passwords. Never use free proxies, and stay safe.

How to set up proxies for Instagram bots

How to set up proxies for Instagram bots

Step 1: Register on Smartproxy and create an account. 

Step 2: Choose a residential proxy plan to access our 40M+ residential proxy network. 

Step 3: Copy your proxy credentials from our dashboard into your bot. Select the session length and export the precise endpoint that will only produce proxies with your requirements.

If you’re an advanced user, we also have a proxy API, which will let you manage endpoints, whitelist IP addresses, manage proxy usage, and more without logging in on the site.

3-day money-back option

Having second thoughts? No worries!

We offer a 3-day money-back option (except for BTC payments) for accounts in accordance with our terms of refund policy. Simply order any package, test it out for three days, and in the unlikely case you won’t be satisfied with our products, we’ll refund you – no strings attached! 

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

If you run into any roadblocks or you’re simply looking for more clarification, our devoted 24/7 customer support geeks are always here to help. Hit us up anytime – our average response time is 5 minutes!  

Also, since we’re total geeks, we have extensive documentation that covers it all with over 40 setup guides and configuration manuals for those seeking to get knee-deep into proxies. 

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    Marko Campos

    five stars

    Best proxies provider, very understanding. Cares a lot about your customer experience with great prices. Lovely people to work with!

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    Paul Doski

    five stars

    Servers are fast and stable, it covers all locations and the customer service is absolutely friendly and helpful.

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    Sebastian Skura

    five stars

    Recommend the service. Just started to use their proxy, and had small difficulties creating it because I'm new to this stuff . Eve from customer service helped me and we resolved a problem effortlessly.

Flexible residential plans

  • 3-day money-back option
  • Sticky sessions up to 30 min
  • Unlimited connections and threads
Pay As You Go
1 GB
Total: $12.5
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs
8 GB
Total: $80 +VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs
25 GB
Total: $225 + VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs
50 GB
Total: $400 + VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs

Enterprise plans

100 GB
Total: $700 +VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Whitelisted IPs
Username: password
Dedicated Account Manager
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Best quality-price ratio

Listen, we love you like no one’s business. That’s why we offer you the dopest services for a literal bargain, a bunch of free tools, and customer support that never sleeps. Seriously, we won the Best Value Provider award for this stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Proxies

What are the best proxies for Instagram?

Residential proxies are hands-down one of the best proxies to use on Instagram. These proxies look like real mobile and desktop devices, which is why they’re extremely hard to detect and block. 

Our dedicated datacenter proxies are also awesome for managing multiple accounts. They offer incredible speed, stability, and since you’ll be the only one using a specific IP, you won’t have to worry about proxies suddenly changing mid-work. Just keep in mind that, at least for now, these proxies are located in the US only.

Can I use Instagram proxies with a bot?

You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies. Smartproxy’s IP addresses work great with all Instagram bots, including Jarvee. 

Can I select proxies from a specific location?

With our awesome backconnect node, you can choose any residential IP from our growing list of 195+ locations. You can pick your country or city through your login credentials (username and password) or via whitelisted IPs. 

Can I track my proxy usage?

Yep. Once you have a subscription plan, go to the Subusers tab in the dashboard and create a subuser. You’ll be able to set limits, dedicate traffic for different tasks, locations, and more. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, Alipay, and BTC. With Smart Wallet, two additional payment methods are available (Google Pay and Apple Pay). All orders are processed by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team, reach out via