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May 21, 2021
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How to Buy Instagram Accounts Safely

The rise of social media has pushed the internet to evolve into a digital marketplace for social properties. With the recently-deceased (and, frankly, unsuccessful) trend of buying audience members, people started seeking out to buy Instagram accounts with real followers. In the past few years, this business has skyrocketed. So here’s everything you need to know if you’re interested in buying an Instagram account.

Buying an account that has an already established following can get you a great kick start on your marketing campaign. Let’s face it: Instagram has become way more than a photo-sharing platform. It’s warped into the best advertising board out there. From managing several accounts to influencing a niche audience - it seems that Instagram has it all.

Buy Instagram Accounts Safely
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Step-by-step Guide on Buying Instagram Accounts

If you’re out and about buying yourself some Instagram accounts, there are several steps you don’t want to miss:

  • Run a background check. Good ol’ background check never hurt nobody. I mean, would you dare to go on your Tinder date without double-checking their social media? Precisely. So, do the same when buying an Instagram account: make sure that the seller actually exists, and the account doesn’t have just fake bot followers.
  • Buy an account that’s already in a niche you’re interested in. You don’t want to get an account with 1M hardcore B&W photography fans and then switch it to a meme account. Try sticking to the same theme that the previous owner had going on not to lose the already established follower base and target audience.
  • Draft a good sales contract. Ok, let’s be honest, this buying process is a tad bit nerve-wracking. So make your life a bit easier by drafting a sales contract when you find an Instagram account you want to buy.
  • Always get the OG email address and password. If you don’t get the original email used on the account, the previous owner could report the account as hacked and keep both the account and the money.
  • Change the email address and password associated with the account ASAP. This might be a no-brainer for most people, but it’s important to change account credentials immediately. It’s just another safety measure so the previous owner couldn’t recover the account.
  • If using PayPal for the transaction, always use the option Goods and Services. PayPal has two payment options, and this is the one that allows the option of refund if you don’t receive the goods. If someone insists on using the Friends and Family option, claiming that it’s way faster, think twice about trusting that seller.

Where can I Buy an Instagram Account?

I scrolled through several different online marketplaces and middleman companies. I wanted to get a sense of what the price range is for buying an Instagram account. As expected, it usually depends on the follower count and engagement. For example, an established travel account with 10K followers retails for $180. Meanwhile, the biggest account I could find – a banging 1.3M follower one – is up for sale for a decent $40K.

It seems that there are three major hotspots to buy Instagram accounts:

  • eBay: For your own safety, I wouldn’t recommend you going with the eBay option. There are plenty of horror stories out there of people paying a nice sum of money and never receiving the credentials for the account. Of course, there must be genuine sellers on eBay, but with hundreds of listings, it’s a given that there might be a scammer or two.
  • Online forums: if you’ve clocked a great deal on an online platform, do your research first. Read what other people have to say about the website/seller before making a purchase. Some people seem to preach them, but there have been a few stories of people getting ripped off just as with eBay. The main problem with forums and eBay is that the transactions aren’t monitored.
  • Middleman companies: If I were to buy an Instagram account myself, I would go with this option. When using a middleman service, you never get in touch with the seller directly. Instead, you deal with a certain website. As the transaction for the account goes through a third party, there is less of a chance of you getting scammed.
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Middleman Companies: Which one do I Choose?

As I mentioned middleman companies as one of the best choices for buying Instagram accounts, let’s overview some of them.

Viral Instas

One of such companies is Viral Instas. They have multiple accounts up for sale in various niches such as travel and fitness. The follower range is usually from 4K to 251K (at the moment the bigger accounts seem to be out of stock). What I liked about Viral Instas is that they provide the Instagram handle before you make the purchase.

Consider this your chance to run a background check. See what the engagement is like, double check if the followers seem legit, keep an eye out for automated one-word/one-emoji comments. Viral Instas also provide an audience analysis themselves, so you can see a rundown of the following.

Social Tradia

Another middleman service provider is Social Tradia. They have more categories to choose from, starting with food & nutrition and landing on meme accounts. The biggest account on there currently retails for $40K and has 1.3M followers.

Social Tradia doesn’t provide usernames to protect account sellers’ privacy. However, they do have a verification team that checks the validity of an account. If this sounds a bit shady to you, I’ll let you know that they make up for it with a neat feature. After you buy the account, you have 24 hours to test it out. If it’s not suitable for you, you can get a full refund.


Ok, I have to admit, this is a tricky one. As I was surfing through different forums, I saw a lot of mixed reactions. Unfortunately, most of them were negative and claimed that this middleman site is a scam. So when thinking about these guys, be extra careful.

They claim that they run a great escrow service that allows buyers and sellers to exchange Instagram accounts and payments securely. Fameswap has a great selection of niche accounts: from cars and bikes to luxury and motivation, so you can easily find a relevant target audience. Also, they have a decent amount of Instagram accounts for sale that has over 1M followers.


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Frequently asked questions

Can you buy Instagram accounts?

Yes, you can. Usually Instagram accounts are sold on online forums, middleman companies, and online marketplaces such as eBay.

Is buying and selling Instagram accounts legal?

If for some reason you’ve read Instagram’s terms of use, then you’d know that it states the following: “you can’t attempt to buy, sell, or transfer any aspect of your account (including your username) or solicit, collect, or use login credentials or badges of other users”.

So is buying accounts against Instagram’s policies? Technically, yes. But there are no laws against selling social properties. As soon as you start looking a bit more into Instagram, you can see that there are ways to go around the terms of use without violating any laws. Let’s take Instagram botting as an example. There is a whole industry based on social media automation that Instagram doesn’t preach. And yet, it’s thriving with legit websites, ads and all. So what’s wrong with breaking a rule or two if you’re keeping it hush-hush and not causing any harm.

How much do Instagram accounts sell for?

Prices vary depending on the follower count and how engaging the audience is. For example, a travel account with 10K followers can retail for $180, and a 1.1M follower one can go up to as much as $40K.

But not only the follower count makes the accounts sellable – you should take into account these things too:

Pitch-perfect username. Let’s be honest, Instagram accounts that have a bunch of numbers at the end don’t look very professional. Avoid that at all costs, and bear in mind that simpler usernames do better!

Niche. Be sure that your account has a specific niche that it fills. This is really important, otherwise, it’s unclear for people how they could monetize it.

Engagement. If the account has a lot of Instagram followers and almost no comments or likes on posts – that’s no good. Ah, and these likes and comments should be organic and not bot-infused!

How do you determine Instagram account followers’ validity?

It’s relatively easy to see whether a certain Instagram account has a fake followers’ count: you have to look for a low engagement rate (comments and likes). Also, when bots comment, they usually comment with automated one-word/one-emoji comments.