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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to every online business. No wonder people are always on the lookout for the next big thing to improve their work. If you’re looking for quality SEO proxies to help your projects skyrocket, we have a perfect solution for you.

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The Smartest SEO Proxies

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Monitor SERPs, audit websites, and research your competitors without any worries. With over 40 million anonymous residential IPs, you can forget getting blocked. Routed through real desktop and mobile devices, Smartproxy residential proxies let you complete your tasks faster than ever before.

Why Do I Need Proxies for SEO?

When broken down, SEO practises are quite similar to data scraping, and no scraping projects can be run without proxies. If you monitor SERPs or do your competitor research from a single IP address, it gets blocked. This can be easily overcome by using residential proxies.

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Audit Websites

smartproxy Solution for Affiliate Link Checking

Use your own script or employ ready-to-go tools to crawl websites for SEO audit purposes. No matter if you’re checking for broken links on your own website or researching what keywords your competitors are covering, you won’t be able to do so from your own IP. Forget failed projects with unblockable anonymous proxies.

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Monitor SERP Ranking

Monitor your website’s ranking in search engines and watch your SEO make an impact! Regular monitoring is a great way to keep track of your progress as well as keep an eye on what new trends Google tends to favour more.

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SERP research requires scraping and relies on each website visit being unique i.e. coming from a different IP address. Don’t risk getting blocked, and better start using SEO proxies instead.

Track Localized Content

Your content might be doing amazing in the US, but how are those search result rankings looking in Germany? With 195+ locations all around the world, Smartproxy allows you to access the web from any country in the world.

Pick smartproxy proxies in any location

Get access to localized search results to see how your content is doing in various locales.

Frequently asked questions about SEO proxies

What is an SEO proxy?

SEO proxy is an intermediate between you and your target website. It hides your IP and allows you to complete your SEO tasks without getting blocked.

Does location matter when targeting local SEO?

Yes! Accessing the web via a local IP will show you results tailored to that particular location.