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Unlimited Datacenter Proxies

Easy access to 100K US and EU IP addresses in 400 subnets!

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    Unlimited connections and threads
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    Flexible pricing plans
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    Advanced proxy rotation
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    30min. sticky sessions

Proxies for scale and speed

get fast data

Unlimited IPs

Tired of slow proxies? Want to scale your scraping projects? Access 100K top-quality US and European datacenter IPs for a fixed monthly bandwidth payment. Send unlimited concurrent connection requests and harvest data in no time.

  • Easy to integrate into any software
  • Awarded 24/7 customer support
  • 99.99% uptime
Fastest American and European proxies

Fastest American and European proxies

Our proxy data centers are located in the US, close to the major targets such as Google and Amazon, and in the EU. We offer a network with hundreds of subnets, so you can be sure you won’t be easily blocked or cloaked.

monthly datacenter

Flexible pricing plans

Our proxy plans come with a monthly auto-renewable subscription. You can enjoy the whole pool and send any number of connection requests as we price only per traffic you use. Payments are made on a monthly basis, at the beginning of every billing cycle. You can choose a yearly billing option too!

If you need IP addresses of real mobile and desktop devices, check our residential proxies.

Get dedicated datacenter proxies

Get dedicated datacenter proxies

Running a project targeting data that everybody scrapes simultaneously? Need more privacy with lightning speed and incredible stability? Grip our dedicated datacenter proxies (DDC).

  • US proxy pool
  • Unlimited threads & GBs
  • Easy proxy management
  • IP randomization option
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Static sessions

Datacenter proxies are full of effectiveness

target resi

Unlimited connections and threads

rotating resi

100K rotating IPs


Hundreds of subnets

Located in the US and EU

Located in the US and EU

session resi

Easy proxy setup

Fast connection

Fast connection

support resi

Awesome 24/7 customer support

time resi

1.6 s average response time

set up resi

Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

traffic resi

Traffic usage statistics

Datacenter proxy features

datacenter proxies

Premium quality, low price

With every pricing plan, you’ll get to use the whole IP pool. 100,000 US and EU proxies are available instantly, and the number is constantly growing. This is your best choice if you want to cut business costs.

shared datacenter proxies

Shared but unlimited

Shared proxies let you save money and use unlimited IP addresses at the same time. It means that several users might get the same proxy, but we make sure it doesn’t impact your projects’ success. We place no limits on the number of IPs you use!

rotating sticky

Rotating & Sticky

With our advanced rotation algorithms, you get a unique proxy for each connection request. Don’t need the rotation? No problem! We offer extended sticky sessions, so you can use the same IP address for up to 30 minutes!


Truly undetectable

Our next-generation datacenter proxy pool has 400 subnetworks. This makes the detection of IPs very difficult. Moreover, you can combine them with residential proxies for advanced flexibility.

  • Marko Campos

    Marko Campos


    Best proxies provider, very understanding. Cares a lot about your customer experience with great prices. Lovely people to work with!

  • Paul Doski

    Paul Doski


    Servers are fast and stable, it covers all locations and the customer service is absolutely friendly and helpful.

  • Sebastian Skura

    Sebastian Skura


    Recommend the service. Just started to use their proxy, and had small difficulties creating it because I'm new to this stuff. Eve from customer service helped me and we resolved a problem effortlessly.

Datacenter proxy basics

a bit more about ip

What is a datacenter proxy?

Datacenter (DC) proxies are the classic proxies that change your IP address to protect your personal information and location. DC proxies are virtual IP addresses created at powerful data centers. They have been on the market for decades, but with the help of advanced technologies, we added a new layer of quality to them.

DC proxies share subnets which makes them easier to block compared to the more resilient residential proxies. However, since DC proxies are running on insanely fast machines, their connection speed is definitely better than that of residential IPs - and speed can sometimes be the most important factor for your scraping projects.

datacenter selection

The process of IP selection

We carefully select and thoroughly test every data center before adding its IP blocks to our proxy pool. We do this by running separate tests and using them for the highest value targets, such as Google and Amazon. Then we check the success rate to see whether each proxy block is actually made of virgin datacenter IP addresses.


Advanced technology

Smartproxy’s DC proxy network is exceptional due to its new-generation solutions. The users can access every proxy in the pool concurrently, which means that our network offers unrivaled scale. In addition, our DC proxies run on advanced rotation algorithms – you can use a new IP address for every connection request.

Most datacenter proxy networks don’t have robust protection from getting blocked due to limited offering of subnets. However, this is not the case with Smartproxy, as our DC pool uses 400 subnetworks, making detection very difficult.

datacenter use cases

Datacenter proxy use cases

Datacenter proxies are very popular due to their affordable price. Do you know that all major VPN products are actually datacenter proxy networks with added encryption? They funnel millions of people through a handful of IP addresses that these VPN companies have. While it is true that DC proxies are not the best choice for retail purchases, their speed is a great advantage for many other projects, especially for data harvesting en masse. DC proxies are easy-to-scale and offer an extremely reliable connection because data centers are ‘online’ all the time and respond quickly.

virgin icon

Access proxies in your browser instantly

No need to click so many things to get ‘em proxies. Just get Chrome or Firefox extensions and have our proxies at your fingertips. Choose location and session type, and hop online with a proxy between you and your target website.



We place no limit on connections or IPs - our service is priced by bandwidth use. With prices as low as $0.7 for 1 GB of traffic, our proxies are among the most affordable high-end datacenter proxy solutions on the market.

easy icon

Easy authentication

Create subusers, useuser:pass for authentication, and track your bandwidth on Smartproxy’s dashboard. Just keep in mind that with DC proxies, it’s not possible to authenticate with a whitelisted IP.

dont pay icon

Money-back option

Still having doubts? With Smartproxy, you get a 3-day money-back option in accordance with our refund policy. If you have questions, we are here for you 24/7 – let’s chat!

Datacenter plans for any business case

  • 3-day money-back option
  • Sticky sessions up to 30 min.
  • Unlimited connections and threads
Total: $30 +VAT billed monthly
Traffic limit
50 GB
Price per GB
Total: $55 +VAT billed monthly
Traffic limit
Price per GB
Total: $160 +VAT billed monthly
Traffic limit
Price per GB
1 TB
Total: $500 +VAT billed monthly
Traffic limit
1 TB
Price per GB

Need these or bigger plans?

Chat with us and we’ll find the best solution for you.

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