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Is your workplace, school or country blocking a torrent site? Unblock it with our proxies instantly to access magnet links and .torrent files.
Your ISP will not see that you had connected to the torrent site, and the torrent site will not see your real IP address. Note: our proxies are priced by traffic usage, so it is best for unblocking torrent sites, not downloading huge open source software suites or other torrents.
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Set up any browser, device or software with our rotating proxy network and get a unique new IP address for every connection.
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Stay anonymous on torrent sites and avoid restrictions and geo-blocks when browsing torrent sites. Use a proxy in any country to access local torrent sites with geographic restrictions and download .torrent files without location restrictions today.

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Frequently asked questions about torrent proxies

How to use a proxy for torrents

You need to set up a proxy server on your torrent program, browser or device. To access restricted torrent sites, you need a browser proxy set up. If you want to download torrents entirely via a proxy, you need to set a proxy gateway in the torrent download application.

Why should you use a proxy for torrent downloads

Use a proxy to hide your IP address and avoid detection. This way you protect your identity if the torrent site leaks your information. If you use a proxy during p2p download, your real IP will stay hidden from other peers. Using a traffic-priced proxy service is not recommended for large torrent downloads.

How to set up a proxy server for torrents

Every device or browser can use proxies. If you cannot find settings of user:pass authentication on your device or torrent software, you can whitelist your IP address and access our proxies that way.