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Scraping Proxies

Forget getting blocked with the fastest SEO proxy service on the market.

Unlock valuable public data in any location: use country and city level targeting with high quality residential proxies. Take data scraping to the next level!

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Scraping proxies

Faster data intelligence

Faster data intelligence with unlimited residential proxies

Collect data for research and scale your business with unlimited connections and threads for your favorite script or application.

Residential proxies are the highest quality proxies for any data mining operation. Every IP in our pool is a unique mobile or desktop device, so you can connect to your target data source as many times as you need.

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Get data for SEO with proxies

Our residential proxy network is nearly twice as fast as the SEO proxy industry average, according to Proxyway research 2021. Need to connect many times to Google, Yandex or other search engines? Don’t sweat, perform rank tracking, crawling and competitor analysis with our proxies at ease.

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How to start using residential proxies

Start using residential proxies by buying a monthly subscription or get GBs on the go with Pay As You Go. With any payment option, you’ll be able to reach the whole residential proxy pool of over 40M IPs!

Ad Verification

Perform ad verification with proxies

Stay undetected and perform anti-ad fraud through the highest quality residential IP network. Stay undetected by bad actors and act fast – our proxies have an average of 3 seconds.

Get price

Get price, sales and product information with proxies

Price scraping, product data scraping and sales information will never be cloaked for our proxy network – our residential proxies do not share any subnet. Don’t know what that means? No worries – click here to see information about web scraping in detail.

Track travel prices

Track travel prices with proxies

Connect to travel sites, rail and airline companies with unlimited connections and track travel pricing data in real time. Our network has a 99.99% uptime.

Collect any data

Collect any data with proxies

To limit the chances of getting blocked or cloaked you should avoid scraping the same website with a single IP address and use the Smartproxy network to scale your operations. All plans include proxy rotation.

Flexible residential plans

  • 3-day money-back option
  • Sticky sessions up to 30 min
  • Unlimited connections and threads
Pay As You Go
1 GB
Total: $12.5
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs
* Proxy authentication method
8 GB
Total: $80 +VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs
* Proxy authentication method
25 GB
Total: $225 + VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs
* Proxy authentication method
50 GB
Total: $400 + VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Username: password
Whitelisted IPs
* Proxy authentication method

Enterprise plans

100 GB
Total: $700 +VAT billed monthly
Price per GB
Whitelisted IPs
Username: password
Dedicated Account Manager
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Best quality-price ratio

Listen, we love you like no one’s business. That’s why we offer you the dopest services for a literal bargain, a bunch of free tools, and customer support that never sleeps. Seriously, we won the Best Value Provider award for this stuff.