What Is Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a rotating residential proxy network. It enables users to gather any data from the web using a pool of over 40 million proxies. That’s not all: Smartproxy has shared datacenter (DC) proxies too!

proxy network

Both our products (residential proxies and data center proxies) work like semi dedicated proxy networks: you can use the same IP for a longer period with a sticky session, they are cheap like shared proxies, and high-performing because only a few clients can use the same proxy at any time.

  • Only real device IPs. All proxies in our residential pool come from real desktop and mobile devices. They do not share any subnetwork and are extremely hard to block.
  • Shared private proxies. Our proxies are not public. Only paying clients get access to our IP addresses.
  • Unlimited IPs. We are the only major shared proxy provider that lets you use the whole proxy pool at any price level. You can use an unlimited number of IPs, connections, threads and countries at once. Our pricing model is based only on traffic usage
  • 24/7 customer support. We are here to help you in any way we can! Let’s chat!

To learn more about the types of proxies and their differences, read our blog post.