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Refer a friend

Would you like some free traffic? It’s easy – invite up to 3 friends and enjoy a 10% bonus of each of their plans! A small change for a big reward – what’s not to love?

You need to choose either a Micro, a Starter or a Regular residential plan to participate in the program. You will be all set after 32 days of your subscription’s activation. You can always check your status in the ”Referral program” tab in your dashboard for more information.

What’s in it for you:

The deal: invite up to 3 people and enjoy bonus traffic!

The reward: 10% of the residential plan size (GB) your friend (the referee) purchased.

The payout: receive your GB bonus as soon as your friend buys a plan.

NOTE: The Referral Program is not valid for Datacenter plans and crypto payments

Using bonus GBs:

referral dashboard

– You can find your bonus GBs in the bonus basket. Click ”Buy traffic” button in the top navigation and check ”Use your bonus traffic” . This checkmark appears once you get bonus.

– Unused bonus (on top of your current subscription) will stay in your bonus basket as long as your subscription plan is active. Feel free to use them on top of your subscription when needed!

– When bonus GBs are used on top of your subscription, they will be valid till the end of the billing cycle. If you upgrade your plan during the same month, used bonus on top of subscription will be transferred too, but if you choose to downgrade, the bonus will be lost.

– You can add the bonus on top of your subscription once 80% of your traffic is used and it doesn’t add up to more than the total of your current plan’s traffic. Let’s say you have a Micro plan (5GB) and 10GB in your bonus basket. Once you have used 80% of your micro plan traffic, you can add 0-5GBs on top of your subscription, then the next billing cycle you can add another 0-5GBs and so on.

– You can use the GBs from your bonus basket only when your subscription is active. If your subscription status says “processing”, “past due”, “compliance review”, or “high risk”, then your bonus basket will be temporary frozen till you make sure your subscription is active again.

– If you cancel your subscription or sub expires – bonus will be lost.

– If you were referred, discount codes / coupons won’t apply on the first purchase.

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