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If you need to gather data from Google search results, you know that too many attempts to connect to Google will block your IP address. That’s why you’re looking for a reliable Google proxy network.

Well, you’ve found it.

Not all proxies are equal

There are hundreds of proxy services online that sell nothing but large blocks of IP addresses from data centers. All these IPs are registered at those data centers, which is why they never have any ISP (internet service provider) attached to them. These IP address blocks are called subnets and they can be blocked in bulk.

datacenter ips blocked by google

If you’ve ever experienced a subnet ban, you know how frustrating it is to change your whole block of proxies.

Datacenter proxies are not what you need for an advanced target like Google.

What makes an effective Google proxy

Instead of using datacenter services, you need proxies that have ISP information associated with them.

Even better, you need proxies that are indistinguishable from real Google users. As a bonus, you might also like to have millions of these proxies and be able swap them out rapidly.

Well, you’re in luck. Those proxies exist and are called residential proxies.

residential is not blocked by google

Our network has over 40 million Google proxies ready for use in over 195 locations around the world. With these proxies you can finally gather Google’s SERP results rapidly and without blocks. In addition to high success rates, our network also uses advanced rotation, which will automate proxy changes, so you don’t have to.

It’s easy – you just use a single endpoint and get unlimited proxies.

safe google search results with smartproxy

Our proxies work with all software programs, scrapers and scripts. And the best part? You only pay for traffic you use, so a smart SERP scrape makes your proxy use cost-efficient.

Don’t wait and register now for the best Google proxy network in the world – Smartproxy.

How Smartproxy works:

How Smartproxy proxy network works

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You can use an unlimited number of connections, threads, and countries at once as our pricing model is based on bandwidth usage. The cheapest residential proxy plan starts at $75 for 5GB per month.

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All our plans are based on recurring monthly payments

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