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Unlimited Datacenter Proxies

Access 100K+ datacenter IPs worldwide in over 400 subnets. Enjoy speed and stability with no errors or blocks.

Unlimited Datacenter Proxies
Flexible pricing options

Flexible pricing options

Keep your costs low – pay only for the features you need and be able to scale them up. Choose between Pay per IP and Pay per GB pricing options.

Robust proxy performance

Robust proxy performance

Enjoy <0.3s average speed, stability and reliability with a 99.99% uptime when scraping targets without advanced anti-bot systems.

Intuitive setup

Intuitive setup

Easily set up proxies and integrate them with any popular browser, automation bot, or scraping tool. If you need help, chat with 24/7 tech support.

Pick the most suitable datacenter proxies’ pricing method

Pay per IP

Pay per GB


  • An exclusive IP pool with a possibility to customize the number of IPs.
  • Preferred locations worldwide.
  • Possibility to choose the amount of traffic.
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions and threads.
  • 30-minute-long sticky sessions.
  • A shared 100K+ IP pool worldwide.
  • Chosen amount of traffic.
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions and threads.
  • 30-minute-long sticky sessions.

Choose if:

You want to get a specific amount of IPs and traffic.

You need a big pool of rotating proxies.

Pay for:

Number of IPs and traffic (bandwidth).

Traffic (bandwidth).

  • proxyway
  • crozdesk
  • crozdesk

The best quality-price ratio

Listen, we love you like no one’s business. That’s why we offer you the dopest services for a literal bargain, a bunch of free tools, and customer support that never sleeps. Seriously, we won the Best Value Provider award for this stuff.

Use datacenter proxies for any project and tech stack

  • Customizable pricing methods.

    Whitelist your IPs and select different proxy features and locations when you choose the Pay per IP pricing option.

  • Seamless proxy integration.

    Configure IPv4 proxies in major browsers and devices, and integrate them with any software, bots, or scripts, including iOS and Windows operating systems.

  • In-depth developers’ documentation.

    Rely on the quick start guide, public API, extensive documentation, or reach out to our 24/7 live support.

  • Additional tools for free.

    Together with a high-quality proxy pool, get access to free tools, such as Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-on, and Address Generator, for a smooth proxying experience.

Customizable pricing methods.
Seamless proxy integration.
In-depth developers’ documentation.
Additional tools for free.

5 reasons to choose our DC proxies

Advanced proxy rotation

Advanced rotation

Don’t worry about the old school proxy lists – get a unique proxy for each connection request or use sticky sessions to keep the same IP for up to 30 minutes.

Easy self-service

Easy self-service

Use our user-friendly dashboard for sweat-free proxy management. Find out relevant statistics about your traffic usage, requests, and top targets.

High scalability

High scalability

Sky's truly the only limit: effortlessly juggle projects of any size with unlimited concurrent sessions, connections and threads with Pay per GB.

Private proxies

Private proxies

Need more privacy and ownership of your IPs? Try dedicated datacenter proxies – get 400K+ static private IPs in the US with unlimited traffic.

3-day money-back option

Money-back option

Try cheap datacenter proxies with one of the best entry points in the market, starting from $10. If during the first three days you aren’t satisfied with the product, we’ll refund you (terms apply).

Access various locations, bypass online limitations

  • United States

    United States

  • Germany


  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

  • Netherlands


  • More countries

    More countries

Datacenter proxies for every use case

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Collect publicly accessible data en masse and scrape websites that don’t have advanced anti-bot systems.



Browse the web, use media streams, and play games. Enjoy VPN-like services and access geo-blocked content in sites such as Youtube.

Cyber and brand security

Cyber and brand security

Stay anonymous and secure on the internet, protect your personal or business data from potential cyber attacks.

  • Marko Campos

    Marko Campos


    Best proxies provider, very understanding. Cares a lot about your customer experience with great prices. Lovely people to work with!

  • Paul Doski

    Paul Doski


    Servers are fast and stable, it covers all locations and the customer service is absolutely friendly and helpful.

  • Sebastian Skura

    Sebastian Skura


    Recommend the service. Just started to use their proxy, and had small difficulties creating it because I'm new to this stuff. Eve from customer service helped me and we resolved a problem effortlessly.

Flexible datacenter plans

  • 3-day money-back option
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Unlimited connections and threads
Pay per 100 IPs
100 IPs
Total: $10 + VAT billed monthly
100 IPs
Traffic limit
Pay per 200 IPs
200 IPs
Total: $19 + VAT billed monthly
200 IPs
Traffic limit
Pay per 500 IPs
500 IPs
Total: $45 + VAT billed monthly
500 IPs
Traffic limit
Create your
Traffic limit
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Frequently asked questions about datacenter proxies

What are datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies are remote computers with their own IP addresses. They act as an intermediary between you and the target website: instead of connecting to the website directly, your request goes via proxies to hide any identifying personal information.

DC proxies share subnets which makes them easier to block compared to the more resilient residential proxies. However, since datacenter proxies are running on insanely fast machines, their connection speed and stability are definitely better – and speed can sometimes be the most important factor for your scraping projects.

Can I track my proxy usage?

Yes, you can. Once you have a subscription plan in the dashboard, go to the subusers tab and create a subuser. You will be able to set limits, dedicate traffic for different tasks, locations, etc. for every proxy user.

What are the differences between the two pricing models for datacenter proxies?

We offer two pricing models based on your needs: Pay per IP allows you to pay for a specific number of datacenter IPs (starting from 100 IPs) and GBs (starting from 50 GB) in chosen locations; Pay per GB lets you get unlimited IPs while paying for the traffic (bandwidth) only.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, Alipay, and cryptocurrencies. With Smart Wallet, two additional payment methods are available (Google Pay and Apple Pay). All orders are processed by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team, reach out via

Where can I use datacenter proxies?

You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. Smartproxy IP addresses work great with all search engines, ScrapeBox, and many other bots.

Do datacenter proxies work for scraping?

Using datacenter proxies for most scraping tasks is more efficient. We allow our clients to use datacenter proxies for data scraping tasks, but we recommend using residential proxies, as they have more quality IP addresses that have much higher scraping success rates.

Can I use datacenter proxies for copping sneakers?

Any good sneakerhead will tell you that it all depends on your setup. Sure, some pick datacenter proxies for sneaker bot speed, while others swear by residential IPs for higher add-to-cart rates. A good advice is to use both. Datacenter proxies are very fast but easy to block, so we recommend setting up DC proxies for monitoring tasks.

Do datacenter proxies work for Adidas?

They do get banned a lot more often than residential IPs, but for some Adidas drops you might slip through with datacenter proxies too.

Do datacenter proxies work for Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most difficult sites to bot right now. Datacenter proxies on Shopify are sitting ducks – you get the speed and the subnet bans. Use residential proxies instead.

How was the datacenter proxies speed testing done?

Speed was tested using Python requests and time libraries by noting the time before sending a request and after receiving a response. We sent 500 requests per endpoint to the website. After receiving 500 HTTP 200 response codes, we divided the total time by 500 to determine the average response time. We tested speed with both US and European endpoints. Requests were sent from a US VPN server when connecting to US proxies and from Germany’s VPN when connecting to European proxies. The test was conducted using a rotating session type with Python 3.9.6. version. Check the Python code example in our help docs.