SERP Scraping API – A 100% Successful Full-Stack Solution for Google and More

Get structured data from major search engines by sending just one API request. SERP Scraping API combines a proxy network, web scraper, and data parser – all in one awesome product.

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    Full-stack solution
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    100% success rate
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    Results in raw HTML or JSON
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    Any country, state, or city
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    Flexible pricing
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    Epic 24/7 customer support
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    Zero blocks or CAPTCHAS
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    Easy integration methods

Proxies on steroids – a complete scraping API

Proxies on steroids – a complete scraping API

Most people pay twice when collecting data from Google or other search engines – for a scraping tool and for proxies. Be a smart cookie and snatch our SERP Scraping API as a full-stack tool, with which you won’t need any extras to become a pacesetter in the scraping game.

  • Residential, mobile, and datacenter proxy pool
  • Integrated web scraper and data parser
  • 100% successful Google API
  • Real-time results
  • Over 195 locations, including any city
  • Unlimited scalability with high volume of requests

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Automate your market research

Automate your market research

Tone up your marketing muscles with SERP Scraping API and analyze your competitors’ business strategies without a hitch. Build lists of product names, prices, descriptions, and discounts to always stay on top of the latest market trends!

And don’t limit your market research to Google only. With our API, you can also gather data from other search engines, such as Bing and Baidu.

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Grab that delicious piece of SEO traffic

The SERP Scraping API from Smartproxy is a scalable and easy-to-use data extraction tool that’ll guarantee a successful delivery from Google and bring more traffic and conversions to your website.

  • View real-time and up-to-date results
  • Get insights into keyword rankings  
  • Retrieve paid and organic data 
  • Monitor prices on the market
  • Track other SEO metrics
Google SERPs

Get business data from Google SERPs

Oh, that’s quite a list! Each keyword is specific so your Google SERP will also look different for different keywords. 

By and large, you can scrape:

  • paid and organic search 
  • popular products & listings
  • videos
  • real-time ads 
  • images 
  • online stores 
  • related questions & searches
  • featured snippets
  • featured snippets
  • top stories
  • hotel availability
  • restaurant data
  • jobs
  • … and anything else, really
Guaranteed 100% success rate

Guaranteed 100% success rate

Our scraping API is truly determined! We bind ourselves to show you search results for any device or browser. If the first request from us fails, we keep sending requests as long as we can deliver the desired result to you. Oh, and don’t worry – you need to pay for successful requests only.  

Besides, we rotate proxies automatically so that you could avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAs. 

SERP Scraping API is full of awesomeness


Unlimited connections and threads


Integrated scraper and parser


50M+ IP pool

100% success rate

100% success rate

Zero blocks or CAPTCHAS

Zero blocks or CAPTCHAS

trafic usage

Results in HTML or JSON

Any country, state, or city

Any country, state, or city

info resi

Proxy-like integration option


Real-time integration option

time resi

High scalability

SERP Scraping API plans

  • 3-day money-back option
  • Sticky sessions up to 30 min
  • Unlimited connections and threads
13 K
Total: $50 + VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests
35 K
Total: $100 + VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests
100 K
Total: $250 + VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests
250 K
Total: $500 +VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests

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Enterprise plans

0.5 M
Total: $900 + VAT billed monthly
Price / 1k requests
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Any city worldwide is available, including: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami, London, Berlin, Moscow

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Rated 4.7/5 based on 908 reviews.


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