How to Set up Residential Proxies for Multilogin App

Learn how to set up residential proxies on Multilogin App

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Smartproxy integration Multilogin

Set up proxies in Multilogin App:

  • Open Multilogin app and select 'New browser profile'
  • Smartproxy integration multilogin app
  • Go to proxy settings
  • Smartproxy integration multilogin app
  • From the dropdown menu select HTTP proxy
  • Smartproxy integration multilogin app
  • Enter proxy details e.g. and your sub-user username/password (if IP is whitelisted you don't need to enter username/password as per example below). You can then click on 'Check proxy' to see if setup is successful
  • Smartproxy integration multilogin app

Choose Smartproxy:

Smartproxy never get flagged

Never get flagged

Avoid getting detected by using our vast pool of residential exit nodes.

smartproxy unlimited threads and connections

Unlimited connections

Use an unlimited number of connections, threads and countries at once.

Smartproxy country targeting

City and Country level targeting

Use residential IPs from as many countries or cities as you like.Change locations as often as needed.

Smartproxy customer support

24/7 Customer Support

Experienced 24/7 online technical support with the average response time of 5 minutes. Email us or chat with us at any time.