Firefox Proxy Add-on

Introducing the virtual world at your fingertips. Easy to set up, even easier to use.

The smartest proxies are coming right to your browser! Smartproxy Firefox proxy add-on is
bringing you the whole proxy package right to your virtual doorstep.

Connect to any country in the world 

Compatible with residential proxies

Available on different devices

2-click custom sessions

Smartproxy extension

Firefox proxy Add-on that values your anonymity  

Are you on the lookout for the next big game-changer that could exponentially improve your virtual life? Something that’s easy to use and simple-looking on the outside, yet the most powerful tool on the inside?

Hell yeah, then this proxy add-on for Firefox is the one thing you’ve been after without even knowing. 

Want to surf the web without having to worry about your privacy? Pick a country to connect to, get a residential IP assigned automatically, and you’re all set! No blocks, no clocking – these proxies are basically your virtual camouflage. But better.

Smartproxy extension
Smartproxy extension.Choose location

Proxy Add-on for Firefox that brings localised content right to you

Of course you need to access some localised content. We knew this would happen, so we’ve come prepared. In the proxy addon, all you have to do is pick a county from the dropdown menu, and enjoy the (virtual) trip! Now you have your Firefox browser thinking you’re in a fake location when you’re comfortably sitting at your desk. 

Smartproxy residential IP addresses come from real desktop and mobile devices, so they are incredibly hard to clock as they don’t raise any suspicion when making a connection to target websites. Enjoy your newly accessible content carefree.

Focus on your tasks and let the proxy add-on do the rest

Yes, it really is as simple as that. No more switching between tabs, or windows, or softwares. All you need is right here in your browser. Our proxy extension is smart for a reason: log in, and access your proxies right here and now. Use your credentials to access proxies on all of your devices.

Unblock IP
Smartproxy extension sessions

Account management made fool-proof

Multiple account management can sometimes become a real hassle. Throw that old notion out the window with the sticky proxy session selection. Choose a static IP (sticky session), and enjoy account management without even leaving your browser.

Web scraping and data mining galore!

What if a static IP is just not your gig? C’mon, did you really think we wouldn’t have thought this through either? The 2-click setup proxy extension has rotating proxy sessions too. Get your IP rotating and let’s go!

Perfectly anonymous, perfectly fast and extremely hard to block. These rotating residential IPs will go perfect with your next scraping project.

Smartproxy extension sticky session
Smartproxy extension delete browsing data

Why not use the add-on for unblocking websites?

Yep, even if you don’t have some grandiose plan to use the proxy add-on for, you can just use it to access blocked websites, we won’t judge. Connecting to an IP from a different country will hide your own IP address, and voila – your connection is coming from a different place!

For maximum anonymity, remember to clear cache, cookies, and consider changing your user agent too. Privacy? Restored. 

Simply the best proxies

Proxies can always be what makes or breaks your online projects. Same with proxy add-ons. That’s why you’ll have the smoothest sailing with Smartproxy residential proxies. Say goodbye to blocks, and say hello to incredible speed. 

And just so you know, with the Firefox proxy add-on, you can totally forget browser proxies, session strings and separate settings. All is included, you’re welcome. 

Ready to get this show on the road?

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