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What Will Happen with My Unused GB (Traffic)?

  • If you don’t change your subscription plan, all unused GB (traffic) will be reset to 0 GB every month (at the beginning of the new billing cycle).
  • If you upgrade your plan, your GB will be transferred.
  • If you downgrade your plan, your GB will be reset to 0GB.
  • If you cancel your subscription and do not renew it, your GB will be lost when the period ends.

  • Can I transfer my unused GB to the next billing cycle?

    You can transfer unused traffic to the next subscription period when you upgrade to a new plan. You must upgrade your plan before your current subscription period ends. This also works when your cancelled subscription is still active. See the examples below for more info.


    Lets say your subscription is active until May 1. Even if you cancel your subscription, your remaining traffic is yours to keep until May 1.

    If you want to transfer unused GBs to the next subscription period: upgrade to a new plan before May 1 – unused GB will be added to the new plan. This works even if you have canceled your current subscription and order a new plan before May 1 – all unused GB will still be added to the new plan.

    If you cancel your subscription and do not renew your subscription before May 1, your GB will be lost after the period ends.


    How Does Endpoint Filtering Work? Which Ports Do I Need to Use?

    Using Smartproxy is fairly simple: in the dashboard you will be able to select the kind of port you want – rotating or sticky – and whether you want a random IP (any country) or target specific country/city. The system will generate a relevant endpoint in the domain:port format.

    See the example below with a random rotating port specified. Note that the example uses a whitelisted IP instead of the standard username:password authorization.

  • If you choose ‘Curl test example’

    Once you select the parameters, you will get the shell example – endpoint and port information that fits your needs.

  • endpoint filtering
    1. Choose your authentication option:

    • WHITELISTED IP – If you choose this authorization method, you won’t need to use your credentials – whitelisted IP addresses do not require the user:pass authorization. Whitelist several IPs to create a list of trusted IPs. You can whitelist your IP in the Whitelisted IPs tab on the left.
    • USER:PASS – If you choose this authorization method, you will need to insert your credentials in the Username and Password fields in the Ports section below to get the full shell example. Authenticate with your dashboard login or subuser credentials.
    2. Choose parameters:

    Proxy location:

    1. RANDOM – use a random IP from the whole pool.
    2. SPECIFIC LOCATION – use IPs only from a specific location. You can target IP addresses at the country or city level.

    Session type:

    1. ROTATING – assigns a new IP for each request.
    2. STICKY – assigns an IP for a longer period (default session time – 10 min). The session will be terminated:
      – after 60s of inactivity;
      – if the IP address does not respond.
      If your session is terminated, you will receive a new sticky IP with the same rules applied.

    3. Enter Your target

  • If you choose ‘Filter endpoints’

    Create a filter for endpoints and ports according to your needs.

  • endpoint filtering


    • ENDPOINT – the address you must use to connect to the selected proxy pool.
    • PORT – add the port number to your endpoint to connect to the proxy server.
    • PORT RANGE – use any port(s) in this range to connect to the endpoint.

    Can I Create Subusers?

    Sure you can! Once you have a subscription plan, go to the Subusers tab in the dashboard and create a subuser. Set limits, follow traffic dedicated to different tasks, locations, or similar.

    smartproxy subusers


    How Do the Authorization Process and IP Whitelisting Work?

    Smartproxy residential proxies can be accessed via two different types of authorization:

    1. Standard username:password authentication
    2. Using the IP-based whitelisting feature in the dashboard

    IP whitelisting allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses that won’t require user:pass authorization.


    I’ve Used Up All My Traffic. Can I Add Extra Traffic / GB in the Dashboard?

    Once your usage reaches plan limits, you will need to purchase additional traffic (GB) or upgrade your plan to keep using our service.

    You can add extra GB or upgrade your plan in the dashboard. Extra traffic is added to your current subscription. It does not extend the subscription period.

    If no action is taken, your account will be suspended until the next period.

    Not using Smartproxy yet? Get your account here

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    How Can I Start Using Smartproxy and Create a Dashboard Account?

    smartproxy dashboard filtering

    To start using Smartproxy, you need to create a dashboard account. You can do it by selecting the button below:

    Once you have an account, choose the plan that fits your needs the best and get started. Try our residential proxies with a 3-day money back guarantee!

    If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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    What Features Will I Find in the Dashboard?

    Once you have registered to our system and the payment is completed, you will get access to the Smartproxy dashboard.

    smartproxy dash menu

    You will be able to:

    Not using Smartproxy yet? Get your account here

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