Head of Product

At Smartproxy, we’re crazy about big data and all things technology. Driven by the same passion, we create user-friendly solutions to even the most complex data-gathering challenges. Forget about hierarchies – we value fresh ideas and thrive on daily collaboration to bring them into reality. With our strong ownership mindset, we take pride in our work, celebrate our wins, and learn from our failures. Sounds like you? Become a part of a dynamic and innovative team that's shaking things up in the tech industry.

Your responsibilities:

  • Lead a diverse team comprising Product Managers and Product Design professionals.

  • Formulate a visionary strategy for the product, aligning it with customer requirements, business expansion goals, and the overarching company strategy.

  • Conduct market and competitor research, gather customer insights, collaborate with stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of user experience, identify and fill product gaps that grow market share, and ensure product’s competitive edge.

  • Lead product innovation by encouraging creativity within the team, and exploring new market trends.

  • Identify and monitor key product metrics. Make data-driven decisions to drive product improvements.

  • Develop and maintain multiple strategic product roadmaps that outline product’s future development.

  • Work closely with all involved teams from marketing to commerce and engineering, focusing on product growth.

  • Ensure effective prioritization and successful execution of product initiatives and launches. Help to resolve any blocking issue, and questions stemming from the business side by identifying root causes and/or carrying out market research/deep-dive analysis.

  • Your experience or skills:

  • Comprehensive international product management expertise, encompassing proficiency in driving product growth, fostering innovation, optimizing operations, and ensuring quality assurance.

  • Demonstrated history of effective leadership, including direct supervision of personnel, talent development, performance enhancement, engagement promotion, and adeptness in managing change.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

  • Capability to establish and execute requisite processes for efficient product management. Exceptional analytical and problem-solving acumen.

  • Familiarity with B2B and SaaS products.

  • Proven ability to excel in a cross-functional setting.

  • You are a determined, results-driven collaborator who possesses the potential to lead the team.

  • Don't hesitate to apply even if you missed some of the criteria. 


  • Gross salary: 5000 - 9900 EUR/month. Keep in mind that we are open to discussing a different salary based on your skills and experience.

  • Perks & benefits:

  • Feeling good is your job #1, and we've got your back with plenty of options for taking care of your physical and mental health.

  • We're all about growth here. Whether it's through online training, onsite courses, international conferences, or working on personal development plans.

  • From popping champagne over milestones to going on workations, we're always finding new ways to have a blast and make memories as a team.

  • We'll help you reach new heights with internal career opportunities, knowledge sharing and skill building. Let's soar together!

  • Get the best of both worlds – work from our well-equipped, cozy office or the comfort of your own home.

  • Why choose between work and play when you can have both? With a flexible schedule, you can easily make time for the things that matter most.

  • Loyalty pays off. Literally, the longer you work with us, the more vacation days you get! Add that sweet extra day to your existing ones.

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