Web Scraping for Business

Mariam Nakani

Say hello to Mariam! She is very tech savvy - and wants you to be too. She has a lot of intel on residential proxy providers, and uses this knowledge to help you have a clear view of what is really worth your attention.

Data is the currency worth investing in. As a business, you have to be on top of the digital game to survive today’s harsh competition. It’s like in the good old Gold Rush-era days, isn’t it? Of course, it’s easier said than done sometimes. However, everything isn’t such doom and gloom when you know how to scrape the web!

Smarproxy web scraping for business

Why Scrape the Web for Business?

Honestly, it’s a tough world out there. Even though it’s relatively easy to get into any market, it’s really hard to stay in one. See, the competition between businesses just never ends and can exhaust you within minutes. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an old soul in the business world or just a hustling start-up. You can be affected regardless.

Web scraping can offer you significant leverage in this race. The data you extract from the internet allows you to study various patterns and trends in your market and, in turn, deduct great insights and predictions. Isn’t this neat?

Well, let’s get down to it and see the best ways to boost your business with web scraping projects.

Price Monitoring & Competitor Analysis

Truth be told, it’s tricky to set your price to one that will increase your profit and keep all your customers happy at the same time. Have no fear – it’s more than possible if you know how to scrape the web!

Scrape the websites of your competitors to collect all the information you need about their prices. Of course, price monitoring is a breeze when you use residential proxies. Prepare to overcome all restrictions and remain completely anonymous!

Bear in mind that your customers are willing to pay more if your product provides more value than what your competitors can offer. Web scraping can help you keep up-to-date information of your customers’ demands and specific needs. At the same time, always keep an eye out for what other businesses are missing and what they excel at. This will help you make exclusive offers and improve your product if needed.

For instance, ZARA collected data about their customers’ changing demands by scraping the web. This helped them to quickly understand upcoming trends, adapt, and leave their competitors in retail behind.

price monitoring

Web Scraping Reputation

You can use web scraping to check whether your business is getting a good rep. Just scrape relevant websites to see what people are saying about your company. Also, this will give you a head start to smooth over any negative developments regarding your brand.

A quick tip – when scraping the web, always use more than one spelling variation of your company. More than half of the global population access the internet through their phones. It’s hard to spell every word correctly with that tiny smartphone’s keyboard.

Additionally, checking your new business partner’s trustworthiness never hurt anyone. Honestly, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially in the business world. You can scrape resume discrepancies, reputation ratings, and recommendations.

Web Scraping to Improve Your SEO

Web scraping can be a great asset when you’re conducting SEO analysis. For example, you can track your keywords and see which ones drive that precious traffic to your website.

You can also find the keywords that your competitors are using to get a good ranking in Google. For instance, search high-volume keywords on Google and see which websites rank on the first page with them. Then scrape the websites to find what SEO techniques they use. This collected data will help you improve your website’s content. Keep creating that sweet impact on your SEO strategy!

For this task, use Search Engine Proxies to guarantee a 100% reliable data delivery in raw HTML or parsed JSON formats. Also, they have useful features like bypassing Captchas and IP blocks.

Web Scraping for Lead Generation

Web scraping is a great way to identify potential customers too. You can create your ICP: with specific education, job title, etc., and scrape the websites relevant to your business to find them.

We all know that the internet is a Pandora’s box for never-ending vents. So use it! Scrape your competitors’ social media accounts to find their unsatisfied customers. Collect these complaints, analyze them and find a way to provide solutions in your own business. Those unhappy customers might end up choosing your company instead!

Of course, don’t forget to use first-class residential proxies for your web scraping adventures. Residential proxies allow you to access any content without any restrictions and stay anonymous as they can rotate automatically during your sessions.